Burns Chronicles No 38 – If You Can’t Continue To Punish Those Who Are Not Guilty, Then Punish Their Attorney

Burns Chronicles No 38
If You Can’t Continue To Punish Those Who Are Not Guilty,
Then Punish Their Attorney


Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
November 4, 2016

On October 27, 2016, in a Federal Court in Portland, Oregon, Not Guilty Verdicts were read by the Court and affirmed by the Jury.  Shortly thereafter, a rather interesting and unusual event occurred.

One of the ex-Defendants, Shawna Cox, described what happened when the Jury was excused:

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

As we stood for the Jury to leave the room, I watched in disbelief as the Judge told us to all sit down and remain seated while the US Marshalls removed Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, and David Fry from the room.

We were still standing and Mr. Mumford raised both of his arms and leaning down into the microphone on the desk in front of him he said to the Judge:  “NO Your Honor.  These men are leaving this room with me, as FREE Men!  The Jury has just acquitted them and they are free to leave!”

Judge Brown responded, “The Marshalls are going to take them back to the jail.”

Mumford said:  “You Honor, the jury has just rendered the Not Guilty verdict, and you have no more jurisdiction, do you?”

Judge Brown responded, “Stop yelling at me Mr. Mumford, don’t ever yell at me again, ever.  And No, I don’t.  But the US Marshalls are going to retain them until they are returned to Nevada to stand trial there.”


Then Mumford said:  “I have looked all day yesterday and all this morning and I can find no warrant for their arrest.  Show me the paper!  They were taken into custody the first time with no Warrant and you are not going to do it again!  Show me the warrant!  Show me the paper!”

Judge Brown said: “There is probably paper somewhere”.

During all this conversation, the US Marshalls had moved in close around Mr. Mumford who was still standing in his position behind the court table.  There were five of them and more moving in.  Mr. Mumford turned toward them still with his hands up and one of the Marshalls grabbed him by the left arm and another immediately grabbed his right arm and pulled him from behind the desk as they all began to push and pull at him.

One Marshall dropped him to his knees while another pushed him to the floor and put a knee into his back.  Other Marshalls had moved in and now there was a total of eight.  One Marshall on each arm and I could see his hands still open and up while another Marshall is telling him to put his arms behind his back.  It was not possible with officers holding his arms.

Then, I saw them shove his head to the floor as he said, “I’m not resisting!”  One Marshall had his left leg and was twisting his foot and leg (I was surprised at the stripped colorful sock Mumford was wearing) as his pant leg fell toward his knee.

This upset me and I was yelling: “What are you doing?  What’s the matter with you?”  Our victory just went out the window, and I was furious!!

More Federal Agents came rushing from the back of the room as the Judge yelled:  “Everybody Out!  Clear the Courtroom!”  They rushed us out of there, but not before I saw a Marshall taze Mr. Mumford and I heard Mumford say, “You are hurting me!”

I was looking back in shock and horror and did not want to leave him there.  I wanted to help him!  I was very angry

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

At that point, the reaming Defendants and attorneys were removed from the room.

Could a mature Judge have dealt with this matter without resorting to force?  Heck, I thought that was what our judicial system was all about.  Reasoned discussion, then conclusions.  However, that is not what happened when the simply question of legal authority arose.

The Federal Protective Services then took Marcus Mumford into custody.  He was cited for failure to comply with a federal lawful order and disturbance and released with a January 6 date to return to federal court.

When the government loses a case that might have been the “Trial of the Century”, they, like spoiled children, throw a tantrum.  In this case, the tantrum was thrown at one of the few attorneys that really made a difference in this case — by their persistence and pursuit of justice.

And, as so often happens, the government is the victim and Mumford has to return to court after the first of the year — unless the anticipated legal filings result in a dismissal, before January 6, 2017.



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10 Responses to “Burns Chronicles No 38 – If You Can’t Continue To Punish Those Who Are Not Guilty, Then Punish Their Attorney”

  1. Lynn says:

    Shameful and CLEARLY shows just how far down the gutter the court system has gone. I’ve read from many other sources who are absolutely shocked at this behavior! They’d better NOT get away with it–from the Judge’s antics to the U.S. Marshalls! Just disgusting!

  2. Stephen Huls says:

    Amazing how the Radicals in the Federal no justice system react when people / lawyers bring up little things like LAW.. Papers.. authority… they turn into beasty terrorist mode like unto Saudi Arabia or Red China courts. This is Obama / Clintons style of ruling.. Not Constitutional, but Tyranical! I hope Mumford Sues them all, for abuse of power, kidnapping his clients (no warrants / legal right to keep them in prison) and sues the whole place for millions.. for their lawlessness… Obvious the Federal US Marshalls involved in Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and other states out here in the west are more KGB / Gestapo than USA Marshalls, The Marshall system in America has been radicalized, they are oath breakers not keepers, and abuse their power with glee.. such is tyranny such is terrorism.. sad really I hope there is an audit of the Marshalls to bring them back to a place of honor, for at this moment they are a very dark and evil group of thugs..nothing more than mafia enforcers with a badge and a guns… terror and force is what they have done. In the Oregon standoff and Bundy ranch stand, lawless is what it is… some day there maybe a judgment day.. Nuremburg happened. remember that lawless leos..

  3. Sopater says:

    This is a tragedy, but at least they didn’t “LaVoy” him.

    I hope that Mumford brings charges and justice is served.

  4. Sharon Holmes says:

    Did anyone ever find a warrant from Nevada? Of course not, but the judge in Nevada is out for blood too, so she probably got a judge to issue them.

  5. Bill Goode says:

    The marshals, that beat & tazed Marcus Mumford, should be charged with assault. Anna Brown should be removed from her judgeship for allowing such abominable behavior in her courtroom by those who were there presumably to keep the peace in the courtroom.

    This just shows what a pathetic judge Anna Brown is, allowing this to actually take place in her courtroom.

    • Nathan B4 says:

      It wasn’t just Mumford who was beaten. While in a holding cell waiting for his release, David Fry was shackled then taken out of his cell, forced to the floor and beaten by US Marshals.

  6. question says:

    What exactly did Mumford do that “made a difference” in this case? I thought it was all the wisdom of the bundys that made the case. Were the lawyers actually helpful?

    • ghunt says:

      Mumford simply tried to get Ammon to walk out of court a free man, like the others (with the exception of Ryan Bundy), since they were found “not guilty”. There was no outstanding warrant for either of the Bundys, and there was no legal paperwork that provided for the government to detain them, further. In a hearing a few weeks ago, it was determined that there was not a shared jurisdiction between the two courts. Absent a warrant, or that shared jurisdiction, they both should have been released.
      Nevada would have to issue an arrest warrant for their arrest and had the Marshall’s serve it in court, after the verdict for them to be legally detained.
      Mumford’s role in the trial was to “ring bells that could not be unrung”. With the very broad leeway shown to the prosecution, and the very rigid restrictions on the defense, Mumford risked contempt to say things that he normally wouldn’t have to. That helped, considerably in getting a message o the jurors that, had they complied with the judge’s discretion, would never have been heard.
      However, the verdict, though it did have some of those elements, was based primarily on the fact that the jury found that impeding officers may have been the effect, but that it was not the intent.

  7. God Is The One that made a difference and all the attorneys and defendants and the rest of US have been along for the ride,, and still are.
    Have we recognized Him and His Grace to bring us access to His Law if we will just put away ours and theirs and return to Him.
    God’s people’s enemies have never been able to stand before Us unless we were not right with God Our Father,,
    a very Jealous God He tells us that will not share His Glory with any other would be gods or Authorities.

  8. Lance Williams says:

    The judge needs to be removed and the marshals know they were breaking the law need to be dismissed of their duties.

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