From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom on the Golden Hill Paugeesukq Reservation
Date: October 7, 1993


The press has tied Lynda Lyon and George Sibley, Jr. to white supremacist literature when probably 98% of their literature was about the Constitution, history of this country, etc. Kinda hard for that to be admitted, isn"t it? Gotta smear these people -- don"t want to try and understand the problems that might have led to this tragedy.

Let"s look at George and Lynda. They have published "Liberatus" for a few years. I published Outpost of Freedom newspaper (2 editions) until I went to Waco. They began publishing my work and took my subscribers as theirs because we decided that I served the "seeking of truth" well by being there.

I had run a story on a guy named Peter Tscherneff. After the story had run, Peter turned himself in in South Florida. Peter had, apparently, found that they were following his story in Liberatus and contacted them, when he turned himself in, and asked them to care for his son, Alex. Before they had been back in Orlando for two hours Sheriff, police, HRS and others were at their door complete with threats of bodily harm if they didn"t turn the child over. They had an agreement, prepared by Sheriff in South Florida, assigning custody, but the police chose to, without warrant, enter their house to steal child. One officer looked at George and said, "I don"t feel comfortable with you having a gun." George responded, "I don"t feel very comfortable with you having a gun in MY HOUSE." So, they have had dealings with the Law Enforcement before. An intrusion into their home, without warrant.

Then, the current outstanding charges (aggravated battery) were based upon a threat from the judge of hard time, or plea Nolo Contendere and get probation. Witnesses and evidence were not allowed. To get out of the courthouse they chose the NC plea. They were preparing motions for re-trial and recusal when they found the capias had been issued. They had, at first, decided that your home is your castle, and then, on reflection, decided to flee.

They took smaller items of value with the intention of regaining other property when they got settled elsewhere. Trouble is they had their guns (no automatics) and were a bit frazzled by being "on the run." A cop comes up to the car and they know that they have a car full of guns. They remember what happened to the last Americans (and foreigners) who had guns (Waco). Without time to contemplate a better solution, they reacted as the Branch Davidians should have reacted. As I have said before, I don"t condone their actions, nor do I condemn them. A strange set of circumstances has put them in a position where they will be on trial for their lives (capital offense).

Is this what our country has come to, good people forced to live in fear, without protection of law? Have we come to the point that we must fear for our lives just because we own guns? Are we not to be judged for what is in our hearts and minds, rather the literature that we may read? Has being a little bit different become reason to be suspect? Are we now to be judged for what we may think rather than what we do? Are we supposed to live in fear of our government?

I know that it is politically correct to condemn George and Lynda, but I cannot, and I will not. I can only fear for them and fear for our country. We may have come to the end of what was once called "The Great Experiment".

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