From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom on the Golden Hill Paugeesukq Reservation
Date: October 21, 1993


Today I received a phone call. It was collect, but, as soon as I heard the operator, I knew that it was a call that I have been waiting for. I had been trying to get word in to the Lee County Jail so as to find out what had occurred just a few weeks ago. After all of this time, the prayers and thinking, worrying about them, I had finally heard from Lynda Lyon.

Regarding this story, it had been pieced together from sources that have all been through the filter known as law enforcement (not to be confused with peace officers) and has been filtered about as much as the information that flowed across media airwaves, out of Waco, Texas, during March and April of this year.

The report you are about to read is not inconsistent with what had previously been presented, but you will find that certain aspects now have details which would indicate a different scenario than before. There was no "domestic" call, nor was there justification to claim that any lawful call had been put out. George had been sitting in his car with their son. Lynda was making a phone call. The officer approached George, who was not driving, traveling, or anything but sitting in a car which had plates that said, "UCC 1-207". The officer refused to listen to George explain that he was under no contract, as a free Citizen of Florida, to have to produce a license in Alabama. The officer refused to even look at the paperwork that George had, explaining that there was no lawful requirement to produce a license for traveling on the roadways. The officer then informed George, without benefit of George submitting the evidence, that he was under arrest. George was being denied his freedom by the actions of an officer that was not even assigned to traffic (a supply officer) but felt qualified to deny a free man his freedom without investigating the matter. George got out of the car, and then balked. The officer reached for his gun but George was a bit quicker. George and Lynda were defending their rights, as guaranteed by the Constitution, and did not allow the officer to deny them their freedom.

Charlie Reese wrote an editorial a few months ago. In that piece he pointed out that we are becoming a nation where more and more crimes are committed by government under the guise of preventing crime on us (look at the statistics and see if it is working). He stated that police crime in this country is at an all time high. This is the criteria that is existent whenever people begin to loose their freedoms. As he said, "Government crime is becoming more prevalent."

What George and Lynda did is not much different than what David Koresh and the Branch Davidians did eight months ago. David"s actions were in defense of every door in America that can be broken down ANY TIME! George and Lynda"s actions were to deny "law enforcement" from stealing your rights to travel freely in this country.

I don"t want to say, "let this be a lesson", to "law enforcement". However, I do want to say that there are many in this country who have studied our history and know what was intended. They have begun to stand up for those rights in Idaho, Texas and now in Alabama. Perhaps there is hope that we can regain the liberties and freedoms that are our birthright.

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