Lyon-Sibley Update
November 28, 1995

Patriot Couple On Death Row
In Battle With Alabama Court

George E. Sibley — Lynda C. Lyon

George Sibley and Lynda Lyon, the only husband and wife on Death Row in America, are in a tug-of-war with the Alabama Appeals Court - the couple do not want their appeal to be reviewed by the Court, and the Court insists it will review their case, despite their withdrawal from its jurisdiction.

George and Lynda, sentenced to the electric chair for the 1993 shooting death of an Alabama police officer, had joined their appeals shortly after Lynda arrived on Death Row (George was already on Death Row) but the Court refused to recognize their joinder, despite the couple"s documents verifying their right to do so. Then, as a result of over nine months of intensive legal research, George end Lynda ascertained that the lower courts have insufficient jurisdiction to rule upon a case where the constitutionality of a legislative act is challenged, They contend that the Alabama statute under which they were convicted—- making the killing of a police officer a capital offense, even in self-defense — is unconstitutional because it holds the lives of police more valuable than those of other citizens. This, they argue, is a violation of the Alabama and U.S. Constitutions that forbid the granting of honor or privilege to a person or group of persons. In addition, Lynda produced proof in a pre-trial document that a recently discovered amendment to the U.S. Constitution — the original 13th Amendment — not only forbids the bestowing of privilege, as is given to law enforcement by statue, but also provides that those who accept the privilege must forfeit their U.S. citizenship. Because the issue of a constitutional amendment"s validity has been raised, their appeal must go directly to the U.S. Supreme Court, so the couple withdrew their appeal.

In a move to hold George and Lynda in its jurisdiction, the Appeals Court appointed two lawyers to represent them without their knowledge and consent. A new battle ensued as the couple filed documents to rid themselves of the unwanted attorneys. They notified the attorneys that their acceptance of these appointments made them co-conspirators with the Court to deny the couple their right to handle their own appeals. Within days of each other, the attorneys withdrew.

George, formerly a legal researcher in Florida, says he has never heard of a court so determined to hold onto a case, particularly when court dockets are backlogged. "The only conclusion Lynda and I have of this refusal to let us go is that they do not went us to take this highly-explosive police privilege issue to Federal Court and they intend to stall us in their court as long as possible — even years. A ruling on this matter can literally turn law enforcement policies upside down. The Fuhrman incident has already shaken the public"s confidence in their police. Our case can cause major changes in law enforcement all across America."

George and Lynda are resolved that they will go on to the highest court, despite the Appeal Courts" denials.

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