Sons of Liberty

No 10

June 28, 1994

". . . The British Parliament was advised by an artful man, to disarm the people - that was the best and most effective way to enslave them - but they should not do it openly; but to weaken them and let them sink gradually, by totally disusing and neglecting the militia."

George Mason, Virginia Ratifying Convention, 1788

The militia is inherent in a society of free men. It exists because we exist. There is no question, no statutory requirement, no debate - we are the militia. By the very same understanding we are the posse comitatus - "The power or force of the county. The entire population of a county above the age of fifteen, which a sheriff may summon to his assistance in certain cases; as to aid him in keeping the peace, in pursuing and arresting felons, etc." [Black"s Law Dictionary, 2nd Edition (1910)].

Article I, Section 8, clause 12, Constitution for the United States of America, reads: "To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;". This has always been considered the provision necessary to prohibit the government from having a standing army. Standing armies have always been the means by which power is taken from the people. Let"s look at where we have come from those great concepts to the present day.

George Washington warned us, in his Farewell Address, to avoid entangling alliances. Through the years, however, alliances have been established which would serve only the best interests of the Money Merchants. They also serve to justify the maintenance of a standing army. World War I was fought with militia called forward, and then a national army was trained for to supplement the militia. This army was called the Army of the United States (AUS). World War II was fought by armies created for that purpose, still called the Army of the United States. Today we have the armies of World War II still standing under the guise of need (The name, however, was changed from Army of the United States (AUS) to United States Army (USA) in 1947.) That need is fulfilled by such incursions as Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia and others which serve none other than the Money Merchants and the politicians. The army, however, with the exception of the events in Waco, Texas, last year, have been directed outwardly rather than inwardly.

But, let"s look a little closer at what has occurred over the past two hundred years. The tax collectors of King George were supported by the local constable or the armies of the King in the enforcement of their actions. There was no equivalent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation established to delve into the private lives of the people. These organizations, among others, have sprung up as purely American in nature. One as a collector of taxes (originally assigned to assure that debts to the bankers were paid) and the other to investigate crime. How else could they be established in a nation that would not allow standing armies? They were not law enforcement agencies, nor were they peace officers. They had specific functions and duties, and without that constraint would never have been allowed to exist, at least at the time of their inception.

As recently as a decade ago the federal definition of the FBI was as an investigative agency. More recently that has been upgraded to "law enforcement". The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (as is clear by their name) is in charge of those franchisees who elect to come into their domain, only for statutory enforcement and tax collection. Both agencies, however, have become a standing army as clearly as the British army was when it was directed to enforce the King"s edicts, and to disarm the people. The names have changed and the process was slow and meticulous, but the result is the same. There exists, within the federal system, a standing army of enormous magnitude, standing ready to enforce the edicts in violation of the Constitution and the concepts upon which this nation was built.

This, in itself, is an ominous feature of contemporary America. By itself it should serve to warn us that the nature of man has not changed and that the efforts of a few to control the remainder are at work enslaving us today. The "standing army", however, is much more than we might first judge. We have probably all noticed that local police and sheriff"s deputies wear a federal flag on their uniforms. They are directed, on many occasions, to enforce, or assist in enforcing, federal law. This was true in Waco, where the State Police, Sheriff"s deputies and local police were used to "secure" the area and the press conferences. The allegiance of local "law enforcement" is no longer to the people, as it was when they were called "peace officers". It is also more ominous than might first appear. These "law enforcement" officers are serving the same purpose as the standing armies of the past did. They are enforcing rules (statutory law) that are in conflict with the Constitution, and are part of the scheme (with, or without their knowledge) of denial of our Constitution. They are part of the scheme to bring us into subjugation much as King George wished to accomplish two hundred years ago.

When we put together these forces (FBI, ATF, state police, sheriff"s deputies and local policemen) we have a force that numbers in hundreds of thousands, or millions, depending on whether some of them recognize the Constitution as the supreme law, or not.

By the same token we, the Patriot community, number in the millions. Whether we will assert ourselves under, and consistent with, the Constitution is the test of whether this once great nation will be so again and survive as a model to the rest of the world.

The militia and the posse comitatus are inherent to our form of government. Without them the nation the Founders gave us cannot survive. We must revive these concepts for they are the means by which we pay our dues for Liberty and Freedom.

The militia and the posse comitatus are our birthright. As was understood at the founding of the nation, they are necessary to retain control of the government and prevent the laws of human nature from bringing us into subjugation. We must understand, and reform, those concepts into our daily lives.

In some parts of the country these concepts have come back into existence. I will be reporting on some of these in future posts.

For more information regarding the use of law enforcement as members of the "standing army" read "OPERATION VAMPIRE KILLER" by Jack McLamb. Available from:
Aid & Abet, PO Box 8712, Phoenix, Arizona 85066

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