From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom In Andrews, North Carolina

Date: January 31, 1994 Phone: messages (407) 644-xxxx


Just after 11:00 AM, October 6, 1993, two men doing work on a friend and neighbors property observed a Cessna 210 aircraft, grey and beige, flying low, through the ridges of the mountainous area around Andrews, North Carolina. The plane was flying at tree top level, pulling up just before reaching the house situated on the top of the ridge. There were three men seen inside the plane, one, in the rear seat, using a large camera to photograph the house and surrounding area, and perhaps the two observers. The aircraft came so close that the two on the ground were able to see, but not read, the emblem on one of the men"s uniforms. Over 35 passes were made, each one increasing the alarm in the minds of the observers. It was nearly an hour later that the Cessna flew off to the East, in the general direction of Raleigh, or even the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) flight headquarters at Harnett County Airport, near Lillington, North Carolina.

The two men then called the owner of the house to explain to her what had occurred. The women, having known for quite some time the methods of government in dealing with people such as Gordon Kahl, Randy Weaver and the Branch Davidians, realized that the time had finally come when she and those she worked with had become a "target" of government. Concerned over the welfare of her 86 year old mother, alone in the house, she quickly left the office and drove the few miles to the ridge top, wondering, constantly, when the inevitable assault would follow the tactical study of her home. She arrived home and comforted her mother and then contacted her "boss", who was out of town speaking. Arrangements were made to provide a degree of security of the two women living alone in the mountains until Nord Davis, Jr. was able to return and begin investigating the cause for the occurrence. The lady, Betty Lou Smith Hanson, has known much of the tactics of government as a frequent writer in the Northpoint Teams publications. In fact, these two comprise the "office" of the Teams which include hundreds of patriots in the Southeast, as well as many other parts of the country.

In a recent interview with Betty Lou she described her feelings that October day as a sense of being violated, as only a woman can feel violated. I can only exemplify this as the feeling one might get if a motorist kept driving straight toward you as you walked along the side of the road, swerving at the last minute and returning to do it again. The implied threat of the actions of the pilot warrants investigation.

Betty Lou attended a meeting held by Representative Charles Taylor of North Carolina. She spoke to this subject at the meeting. After speaking, she was approached by Deborah Strum, Taylor"s aide, who promised that the Representative"s office would investigate this activity. Nord and Betty Lou are still waiting for the results of this investigation.

In the meantime Nord, Betty Lou and Jim, one of the two witnesses to the event, went to the undersheriff of Cherokee County. They explained what their concern was, knowing all along, as did the undersheriff, that the SBI agent who shared the trailer office with the undersheriff was listening, intently to the conversation. When the trio left the office the SBI agent ran out and pointedly asked Nord what the problem was. Nord stated, "I"m going to see to it that your pilot is grounded!" The agent then pointed his finger at Nord, saying, "I take that as a personal threat." whereupon he returned, rapidly, to the security of his office.

I"ve come to this beautiful mountainous country to help investigate the circumstances surrounding this incident. There are many which I will be reporting to you these next few days. If anybody has had similar events occur to their property I would appreciate hearing of them.

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