From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Dallas, Oregon
Date: April 21, 1994 Phone: (503) 787-xxxx


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I was back in Connecticut just a few months ago. Chief Moonface Bear has been "charged" with a total of 9 counts, all stemming from the governments attempt to arrest him for selling cigarettes, as an individual, and not collecting the state taxes. Another court case, initiated by his brother, Quite Hawk, had finally come to a conclusion when the court dismissed the fraudulent land claim case based upon Moonface"s claim that he was the Chief of the Tribe. So, the government, having a rather red face (pardon the pun) over charging an individual with a crime that could not be brought against the Tribe, which, as was finally proven, was the entity selling the cigarettes, decided on what we have become all to familiar with in this once great nation. I like to refer to this type of action as a "legal shotgun" in which the government looses as many barrels as possible in the hopes that the jury may decide that since the state filed so many charges, surely there must have been a crime committed. As was proven in San Antonio (Waco), however, the jury is frequently duped into thinking the people, not the government, are guilty of crimes. Are the jurors every going to wake up and find that the accuser may be trying to cover his own tracks by making the accusations?


I spoke with Red Beckman just a few days ago. There had been a bit of apprehension around the country regarding whether the government was going to do anything unlawful in an effort to steal Red"s property. Hundreds showed up for two different sets of meetings to show their support (of every nature) for Red"s (their "neighbors") position. Red feels comfortable, now, that the government will not assist in the theft of his property by a trucking company that bought ONLY the IRS"s interest back in 1978. Seems that they (the trucking company) paid quite a bit for NOTHING (the IRS"s interest) pretty much like those who pay your taxes do (pay a lot for NOTHING). Anyway, Red served judicial notice on April 4 that there was no jurisdiction over the matter by the court that was attempting to intimidate him off of his property. He has asked the judge to remove himself from the case. Red has filed criminal, civil and Title 42 actions against both the state and federal judges involved in this case over the years. Red feels that the judges will not violate the law, and that all will come to a peaceful, fair, and just conclusion. He did extend his thanks to all who showed support for his position, in any way, these past few months (and years). He also suggests that anyone with relatives in military service who are being transferred to UN commands review their contracts (enlistment) to see if the government may have violated their obligations under the contract.

North Carolina
Northpoint Teams #5

Nord Davis has received a letter from the FAA regarding their three month long "investigation" into the overflight of Betty Lou"s property by an SBI (State Bureau of Investigation) aircraft at lower than legal altitudes. The FAA letter states, in part, that: "Our concern was that there may have been a violation of Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), specifically FAR part 91.119(c), minimum safe altitudes Our office . . . has granted . . . a degree of regulatory relief, . . . a Certificate of Waiver, for operations lower than normally prescribed altitudes. These provisions require higher pilot qualification levels," [I was informed by the FAA that the government pilots need not be certified! Makes you wonder how they can set higher standards when they have no control over the pilots.]

Continuing, he states that, "We have interviewed the SBI Supervisor of Flying and the pilot of the aircraft. We also contacted the Sheriff of Cherokee County. We determined that all available information from State and County authorities indicate . . . pilot . . . was in compliance "

"This is not to say that we doubt [two sworn affidavits]... We expended considerable time and effort, based on their accounts of the incident. However, their statements do not constitute sufficient conclusive evidence to completely contradict the statements of others, . . ."

Now you have it. The SBI Supervisor of Flying and the local Sheriff, both whom were NOT present at the location of the violation stand as prima facie proof, and sworn affidavits will not discount these allegations. Crack dealers, be advised that you may deny the sworn statement of your neighbors because the accused has more authority than the accuser - and only the accusers were willing to swear as to what they saw.

This case, however, is not over. It would help if those of you that feel the government is obligated to an honest investigation contact Mr. Ronald P. Robson, Aviation Safety Inspector - Operations at, voice (704) 359-8471, or FAX (704) 344-6485 and extend to him your desire that an honest investigation be completed in the matter. We have got to let government know who they work for and this is an easy way, and a good place to start.

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