"The FREEDOM OF THE PRESS hath, in consequence thereof, been esteemed one of its safeguards. That freedom gives the right, at all times, to every citizen to lay his sentiments, in a decent manner, before the people, If he will take that trouble upon himself, whether they are on point or not, his countrymen are obliged to him for so doing; for, at least, they lead to an examination of the subject upon which he writes."

"John DeWitt," Essay III, Nov. 5, 1787

Outpost of Freedom

Volume I, No 1 (Excerpted from) February 3, 1993


This is the first edition of a new concept in Patriot Newspapers.

This being the first edition of the Outpost of Freedom, perhaps a little explanation of the purpose of the newspaper is in order. First, let us look at the name of the paper to begin to understand what its purpose is. "Outpost" can be defined as a security position thrown out to protect from enemy surprise, or as an outlying or frontier settlement. This newspaper is intended to be both.

There is much news of what is happening around the country, and around the world, that is rarely available in the "establishment" press. There is other news around the country that is not of "significant" nature to warrant, at most, a paragraph on page nine of the local paper. The problem lies in the fact that the news has been deemed "unnecessary" and it is therefore relegated to the trash can without any consideration as to whether there might be a segment of the population that would relish the idea of knowing what activities were going on around the country that were significant to the Patriot Movement.

We will provide news of national and international nature that is taken from various news sources, but without the bias and isolation of events that one normally finds.

We will provide news, as reported by our readers, of events that may be of interest to other members of the Patriot community.

We will present news and articles from all aspects of the Patriot Movement, without prejudice against any organization, whether we agree with their philosophy, or not. We will only edit those articles, but not the news, in which a group, class, religion, heritage or race is treated as a whole and in a negative manner. We recognize that there are smaller groups, all voluntarily joined, that have objectives that are contrary to the best interest of this nation, and the posterity of the Founding Fathers. These groups, which when properly identified, may be described in any manner that the editors deem decent. Otherwise, all news and articles will be presented only in a positive manner.

Our purpose if to identify the common "enemy" that has sought, and is still seeking, to change our way of life from a Constitutional Republic to a nation of subjects, or members of an "international community." Every organization within the Patriot Movement has defined in their own terms who the "enemy" is. If we can come together with our efforts in defeating the "common enemy" and can put aside other differences until we can devote time to resolving those issues without taking away from the common objective, WE CAN PREVAIL.

We will not take advertisements except to the extent of Supporting Organizations in the Directory. And, selective advertising would present an affiliation, which is not our purpose. We choose to affiliate with all Patriot organizations.

This newspaper is for the entire movement and will succeed only with the participation of all who might consider themselves Patriots, in any sense. The sharing of ideas, as was so eloquently expressed by "John DeWitt" in his Essay III, back in 1787, is the forum in which all can express their "sentiments", so long as they be in a decent manner. For, as a result, we will establish the means of working together to return our Nation to the Greatness intended by our Founding Fathers.

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