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Massey - Letters from Jail #8

Note: When KC calls, there is a message that says that the all may be recorded or monitored.  There is always the suspicion that they will all be monitored, though when KC told me about this on our next call, I asked him to write it in a letter.  This is confirmation that he is monitored, probably in every phone call, though, does not deter us from talking what we want.  Let them hear, let them read our letters and my articles.  They are going to lose, no matter what.


August 7, 2015


Yesterday, after our call, the jail commander, a lieutenant, and a Staff Sgt. came to my cell.  They brought me a TV and asked me how I was doing.  The jail commander asked about my health issues and said someone would be coming to talk to me.  About an hour or two later, one of the nurses came to my cell and told me, "they had been listening to my calls and they had concern for me."  The asked me if I was depressed and I said yes I am, who wouldn't be in my position.  He said I appeared okay to him and he left.

Later on that evening, one of the other inmates who has "ties" with the guards said he had me checked out and it is on my jail record, I have racist gang ties.  Some sort of skinhead gang ties, he didn't specify what group.  I have never ever been associated with an any racist or supremacist group ever in my life.  I have always been critical of those who are.  Just more bullshit, the feds have added to my case to make me a target of many of the number of Mexican gangs and cartel members here in this jail.  Feds justification for keeping me in solitary.

As usual, the feds have no limits on the tricks they will use, and the lies they will tell, to further endanger me.  My kidney and cholesterol problems are all dietary induced by them, along with the lack of exercise by being in Solitaire.  According to the medical staff, my cholesterol issue is bad enough to warrant prescription medication 2X a day while my kidney failure doesn't warrant any attention or treatment.

The ways they can torture you is varied and they have many ways.  I am still in shock that I have been labeled or attached to a racist group, when there is no evidence or proof of it in my entire life.  The government has no limits to the lies and deceptions and torture.  They will use against a dissenter. 

So let me be clear when I say Fuck the government!




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