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Massey - Letters from Jail #10

Oct 2, 2015

To all American Patriots,

Please, I beg you to help me seek justice.  My civil and constitutional rights have been overtly violated.  In court records the court even acknowledged under the language and the authority of the law I am not guilty of any crime.  I have been kidnapped by the federal government and illegally, unconstitutionally forced into federal jurisdiction and court for no illegal actions by me. 

It is the equivalent of a Texas citizen being kidnapped by the state of Illinois, extradited to Illinois and charged by Illinois for violating Illinois state law even though I never went to Illinois. 

The federal government has kidnapped and imprisoned me without any jurisdiction or authority by law.  I was and am in full compliance with Texas law, the state in which I am a lifelong resident.  I was on private property in my own state discouraging illegal invaders and cleaning up the messes the illegal invaders left behind.  I was video documenting and reporting to the world the illegal invasion problem and the lack of any federal actions to stop the illegal invasions. 

We personally witnessed the US Border Patrol allowing illegal invasion and the Border Patrols illegal and unconstitutional treatment of Legal US citizens, while allowing illegal smuggling and illegal invaders to penetrate our borders in Texas. 

The Border Patrol committed a aggravated felony against us, by shooting at us unprovoked.  In an effort to cover up their felonious actions against American citizens, they have illegally and unconstitutionally, without jurisdiction and authority, kidnapped myself and John Foerster. 

The Border Patrol never punished the BP agent who violated Texas and federal law by illegally and unlawfully discharging his firearm, unprovoked, at American citizen while allowing cartel members to move unabated.  +The Government committed perjury in court documents against me as established in testimony before the court.  The BP not only committed an aggravated felony assault but also illegally detained and seized personal property from private citizens on private property, without warrant or articulable probable cause to justify the illegal and unlawful persecution of American Patriots, defending our state and country. 

The details and chronology of this travesty of justice can be found at Outpost of Freedom.  Please share this story to all patriots and help us receive justice.

Thank you Patriots, today it is us, tomorrow it could be you.  Please help us before you are find yourself in our position, being illegally persecuted by our own government.

Sincerely, Kevin Massey


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