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Massey - Letters from Jail #12

9 May 2016

To My Fellow Patriots,

And I am not referring to you people who claim to be patriots or III%ers who sit at home and on Facebook doing nothing as we patriots are being imprisoned weekly by unconstitutional, false, and illegal charges.

People like Melvin Lee, Joe O'Shaughnessy, Blaine Cooper, etc., who claim to be patriots yet work with the feds who were arresting "WE THE PEOPLE" who are being peaceful and fully within our legal constitutional rights.  These pseudo-patriots, who are also spreading the psy-ops crap the feds are pushing to keep "We the People" fighting each other instead of our true enemy, the corrupt employees of the federal government. 

As I have said many times, our enemies are not the Muslim religion, the illegal immigrants, or the other races the media tries to convince us are our enemies.  Our enemies work for the federal government.  They are the ones who have initiated and fueled the division of "WE THE PEOPLE".  They are the ones who abuse our God-given rights, enumerated in the United States Constitution.  I highly recommend all of you to read the book, "Three Felonies a Day" to give you detailed information on how anyone, no matter how legal and lawful you act, can be subjected to the illegal persecutions of the Federal Despots.

Let me try to explain a little bit of how the federal government is abusing "WE THE PEOPLE", our tax dollars and the "illegal immigrants" and the "Muslims" and the war on Christians in this country.

The federal government is using the same tactics as Cold War Russia used against its own people to suppress opposition to their agenda.  Mainly by abusing authority to "regulate commerce," those Russians who dissented the tyrannical rules were arrested and prosecuted for violating a myriad of laws regulating commerce and other day-to-day activities.  The US has taken their playbook and they are now silencing dissent by creating criminals.  Again, I highly recommend getting and reading "Three Felonies a Day" by Harvey A. Silverglate.  I had my family order it from Amazon.com.  I will touch on a few other ways the feds are silencing dissent and creating criminals for profit by the industrial prison complex.

To start with, the "illegal immigrant" lies being told by the media.  As most of you know, I became "known" because of Camp LoneStar, a border mission in Brownsville, Texas.  We did what the Fed said we couldn't do.  We proved that they were lying to America about illegal immigrants and the actual problems on the border.  The government said we citizens could not affect the illegal invasion of our country due to Obama's policies.  First, they said we didn't have the training to be able to affect the invasion.

We proved it was the "training" that the border patrol was employing IS the problem.  We effectively shut down 4 miles of the Texas-Mexico border for over 3 months.  How?  Because we actually positioned ourselves ON the border, instead of 400 yards to 50 miles off of the border.  We stopped it at the river.  Our videos PROVING this can be found on the YouTube at KCNONEYA.  Law enforcement told us we dramatically affect crime in the area.  They quoted to us an 80% reduction in property crime due to our presence.

Second, they (feds) said we didn't have any legal authority to stop, detain, or arrest the illegal invaders.  Well, we proved we did.  It's called a citizen's arrest.  We have the video proof we did it, and it is also on YouTube.  Not only is it our right, it's our obligation.

Third, the feds said We the People were going to be a threat and a danger to the illegals and federal agents because we were armed for self-protection.  As it turns out, the federal agents were the ones who illegally and unlawfully shot at us without cause or legal reason.  As a matter of fact, the border patrol agent who fired at us violated every part of the BP use of force manual.  The BP are the true criminals.

While we were on the border, we personally witnessed the interactions with apparent Mexican nationals and the border patrol.  We witnessed the "Mexicans" putting packages inside BP vehicles, then the BP agents giving the illegal crosser an envelope, and then we watched them swim back across the river.  We saw this on numerous occasions.  We also personally witnessed groups of 10-15 illegals cross within 20 feet of BP vehicles while the agent "were looking at their phones."  This happened more times than we could keep up with.  The police and procedures of the border patrol are greatly endangering our country.  When I started reporting this and I quit "complying" with the crooked border patrol agents is when they came after me.  All of this was chronicled in videos and on my Blog Talk Radio shows on the Rage Against the Regime platform.  The border patrol has no lawful authority in Texas as "peace officers," according to Texas Code of Criminal Procedures, Article 2.122, yet they constantly harass US citizens instead of the illegals they are there to stop.

The feds and the media try to tell you that they are not able to deport all the illegals because of the expense.  The feds are imply through the media they are doing a catch and release on the illegals.  The feds grossly downplay the number of illegals crossing our borders and the number of people they are imprisoning.  The feds claim that they want amnesty for the "poor children" brought here by no choice of their own, but they have been raised in the USA.  ALL LIES.  I can promise and assure you, it is all lies!

First lie, can't deport due to the expense.  Well, what's cheaper to deport or imprison?  Well, the fact is the feds RARELY deport, opting to imprison the illegal immigrants with sentences ranging from 6 months to as high as 8 years.  When I was at the private prison, "GEO," over 90% of the federal prisoners were there for illegal entry.  The feds pay upwards of $120 a day to keep the "ILLEGALS" locked up.  YOUR TAX MONEY!

The lie about "amnesty" for people who were brought here as kids thru no fault of their own.  Laughing out loud.  Those are the people getting the biggest sentences.  I met several illegals who were mules (for drugs), and those are the people who the feds took the drugs and then gave him minimum sentences, without the mention of any drug possession.  All absent from any of their legal paperwork.  How does that happen?  These "mules" typically have 30-kilo bundles (65 lbs), yet I am in the company of American citizens who were caught with less than an ounce of drugs who are doing decade and more sentences.  Is that justice?

Another new large demographic is "S.O.'s" (sex offenders).  Who doesn't feel repulsed by "perverts" and "predators".  Well, that's what the feds want you to think.  Let me explain how this new "disgusting" class of citizen is being imprisoned.  By the way, this is another subject chapter in the Three Felonies a Day book I suggest that you read.  The federal government has taken over and set up child porn websites, and then they send out mass advertising to attract people to their "ILLEGAL" websites.  Once a person goes to the fed operated illegal porn website, the feds send or allow them to download pictures.  The illegal website then sends a virus (the feds call it MALWARE) to infect these peoples' computers so it does a data dump and allows the feds to, without a warrant, track whatever the feds want. 

So the feds illegally "possessed" the child porn, then the feds "illegally" promote and distribute the child porn in violation of "Commerce Clause" authority and fed laws.  Then the feds illegally created a virus (malware), they illegally infect peoples' computers, then without a warrant, they are able to illegally search the subject's computer.  All so they can charge an American citizen with possession of child pornography.  The feds violate for 4 or 5 laws to set you up to break one law.  Very similar to how the feds arrest "DRUG DEALERS".  The feds possess with the intent to distribute, and they then distribute the drugs so they can arrest someone of drug possession.  This use to be called entrapment.  Now it is normal business for the corrupt federal agents.  They use the same tactics to make legal gun deals illegal, just ask Schuyler Barbeau, or Wolf from Montana.  Gary Hunt has chronicled their stories.  These were also lawful patriots who the feds MADE criminals.

Another federal fraud is the War on Drugs and drug addiction.  Federal bureaucrats now go after medical doctors for performing their legally licensed duties.  The feds approve all the medication doctors can prescribe.  The doctors spent years to learn the profession, but the federal agents in their infinite wisdom, have decided they know more about medicine than doctors do.  If a doctor won't cooperate and help the feds when they demand it, they go after the doctor in several ways. 

One, they claim they are pill peddling, next is they bar the doctor from being able to bill Medicare or Medicaid for services, basically rendering a death blow to the doctors business.  They will claim the doctor filed some paper illegally or committed fraud in the paperwork, enabling the feds to charge the doctors with a felony for making a false statement on a federal document.  This is also thoroughly discussed in the Three Felonies a Day book!

The same goes for the media and several other groups of people who have the ability or propensity to oppose the tyranny of the federal criminals.

I will be writing soon about my research of Islam and the Muslims lies the media and government want us to believe.  I will also expose more of the lies "We the People" are being fed by the lying federal usurpers that are subverting our rights and Constitution.  I will try to always give you reference materials other sources to back up what I say.  It is up to you all to do the research and then to help spread the word and the facts.  

We cannot put our hope of our country changing course because of an election.  It is going to take our actions and resolve to restore the constitutional limitations imposed on the corrupt federal government our Founders intended for them to abide by.  It is our duty to make sure our future generations enjoy the freedoms and rights our forefathers died to enable for us.  It is all up to We the People to stop the abuses of our people.  We need to first and foremost ask God to come give us guidance and to bring forth the leaders who give God the glory for the blessings he previously bestowed on our country.  God is the only thing we can truly depend on to save our nation and people.

Love & respect,




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