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Massey - Letters from Jail #14

[Note: Though KC has his opinion, as you will see in the Letter, regarding some patriots, I will state that I am not wearing their shoes, and I cannot honestly say what I would do, in a similar situation. I can say that KC has taken on a battle, and he has every intention of fighting it to the finish - win, lose or draw. opf]


July 25, 2016

What Has Happened?  - What Can We Do?

As it is here in federal prison, I am left with a lot of time to ponder.  I have thought about our history and how we could have allowed ourselves and our government to be on this despotic road.  I have thought about the 'pussification' of America and how it could have happened.  That lead me to see how the true history of our country has been first rewritten to now where it isn't even being taught to our children.  There is a saying that rings in my head every time I think about why we are in the awful place in our country.  "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."

We don't stand for anything as a country.  We don't stand on our founding principles.  We don't stand up for our true history.  We don't stand up for God.  We don't stand for honesty, due to political correctness.  We don't stand up for family values.  We don't stand up for our neighbors.  We don't stand up, unless we are told that we can.  That is a far cry from the men and women who helped to create this country, and what they stood for and believed!

The United States Constitution means nothing, and if you think I am wrong, ask anyone who has been kidnapped by the federal government, as I have.  If the Constitution were still in effect, we wouldn't have a Roe v. Wade decision.  If the Constitution were still in effect, we wouldn't have the gun laws that we have.  If the Constitution were still in effect, we wouldn't have the War on Drugs.  If the Constitution was still in effect, we wouldn't have the Supreme Court defining marriage, or requiring someone in business to be forced to serve some when that service was against their will and religion.  If the Constitution were still in effect, we wouldn't have mandated health insurance.

I challenge any of you who disagree with my statement to show where in the Constitution the government of the United States has the authority to make such laws.

The Tenth Amendment specifically says, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."  Show me where the federal government has the authority or right to tell We the People that we can kill babies and be okay with it.  Where does, "shall not be infringed" leave a provision for government manipulations of the Second Amendment?  Where is the authority the government to outlaw drugs?  Marijuana, Cocaine, and Heroin were available, over the counter, when it took a Constitutional Amendment [18th - 1919] to outlaw alcohol.  Didn't we learn anything when another Constitutional Amendment [21st - 1933] repeal that effort to deny a free people the use of alcohol?  Now, they do the same by Statute not subject to repeal by the States.  For over 150 years, those drugs were legal and accessible to ordinary people.  Where does the Constitution give the federal government the authority to define or regulate marriage?  Nowhere in the Constitution is that even discussed.  Where does the Constitution say the government has the authority to force us to have medical care?  Nowhere in the Constitution does it say the government has the duty or obligation to provide We the People with anything of that sort.  So, again, I say refer to the 9th and 10th Amendments for those things not specifically written in the Constitution.

So why then do we give the government carte blanche to continue to violate their constitutional authority and our rights?  Because of rewriting history and the dumbing down of the people though the "public" education system.  Our lack of balls and/or our will to be self-sufficient instead of being content like children to be told what to do and to be taken care of by the government.

Our founders did not want the government intervention in our daily lives, only to provide for the common defense and to assure that all states were treated equally.  We have folded, like dirty shirts, and now allow the federal government to control every aspect of our lives through laws and regulations.  I challenge anyone to show me where I am wrong!

What happened to God in our country?  And, for all of you shitbag atheists who claim we weren't founded under God, explain why God is referred to so many times in the founding documents, in the Pledge of Allegiance, and even on our currency.

Why, then, did we have to remove all of the references to God after the sixties?  The lack of God is the main reason this country is full of cowards, and ignorant and untruthful people.  Our laws (common law) referred to in the Constitution is based on God's laws, the Ten Commandments, and the basic premise that for there to be a crime, there needs to be a victim.  You cannot victimize yourself; there had to be an actual injury to someone - not just hurt someone's feelings, or to prevent a crime before it happens.

Despite the government's claim that we have laws to Stop Crime, or to Prevent Crime, it doesn't have that affect the government lied and said it would.  All the laws they have made make America the country where we lock up and imprison more of our population than any other nation on this Earth, yet we still have some of the highest crime rates of any civilized nation on this Earth.  Without God, our country has steadily gone down.

We have a culture of idolatry (trophies are idols), selfishness, greed, homosexuality, lack of real care for orphans and the poor, both the bears and the people become dependent upon others rather than themselves.  Welfare is not a charity, either.  It enslaves those who are on welfare.  The same reason the government does not allow people to feed the bears in our national parks is the same reason welfare destroys people's lives and families.  "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime."

Without God, our country doesn't stand for anything.  If you won't to stand for something, you will fall for anything.  To say we stand for law and order, we are just lying to ourselves.  If we stood for law, why do we allow certain laws to be broken by certain people, and excessive laws placed on others?  If we believed in order, why is our country in such chaos?  Look at what our "elected officials", and their appointees, can do that would land us, We the People, in prison.  And, look at what foreign invaders can get away with, in our country, which we cannot get away with.  They can illegally come here and then get our tax money to support their furtherance of their illegal activities.  Where is the law and order?

There is no law and order in our courts.  Doubt me?  Ask anyone who has been thrown into the courts.  You are guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around - like the government would have you believe.

Now, I would like to use Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary to define some commonly used terms.

To me, a patriot is someone who puts God and country above one's self.  My definition is incorrect according to Merriam-Webster.  They say a patriot is defined as, "one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests."  Well, our country's authority is the Constitution, and our interests are as expressed in the Declaration of Independence.  That is what I support.  To be a patriot is to show patriotism; love for and devotion to one's country.  So, my next question is, what country?  The one we were founded on or the one that we have become?  I am a patriot of the "one nation, under God".  I am o patriot of the nation that has no respect for God, or one that rebukes God's laws and God's teachings.

What is Liberty?  It is defined as: "the power to do as one pleases; freedom from arbitrary or despotic control; the power of choice; a violation of rules or a deviation from standard practices; freedom from physical constraint."

Justice is defined as: "the quality of conforming to law; conformity to truth, fact, or reason; the maintenance or administration of what is just; the establishment or determination of rights according to the rules of law or equity."

Security is defined as: "freedom from danger, freedom from fear or anxiety; the quality or state of being secure."

Freedom: "the quality or state of being free.  Liberation from restraint or from the power of another."

Tyrant: "a ruler unrestrained by law or constitution; a usurper of sovereignty."  This describes our government.

Now, the Pledge of Allegiance:

I pledge allegiance to the United Sates of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Tyranny, as defined by Thomas Jefferson, "oppressive power, in every form, over the minds of men."

Oppressive, defined by Merriam-Webster: "unreasonably burdensome or severe legislation.  Tyrannical, overwhelming or depressing to the spirit or the senses."  Synonymous with Onerous, meaning:"imposing or constituting a burden of legal obligations that outweigh advantages."

Republic: "a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is expressed by elected representatives responsible to them and governing according to law."

Democracy: "government ruled by the majority, a political unit that has a democratic government."

Democrat: "one who practices social equality."

Republican: "one who supports republic form of government."

Social democracy: "political movement advocating the transition from capitalism to socialism."

Socialism: "a system of society in which there is no private property; a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state."

Now, I have defined the terms that are commonly used by our government and elected officials.  What the real definitions are, and not the lies and half-truths being pushed on us, as they say these words mean.  Look at the support that Bernie Sanders got while he was declaring he is a "socialist democrat", and some Americans loved him.  What does that say about our country?

Now, for the first part of my letter, I have stated what I see as wrong with our country, with the exception of how I feel about the cowards that say that they are patriots and III%ers.  Their lack of action speaks louder than their words.  Facebook patriots are really just cowards trying to act tough.

My only reason for publishing this letter on Facebook is because I happen to know some of the real patriots that monitor Facebook and I hope to further motivate them in their endeavors.

You big mouth cowards will fall, just like others before you.  You will turn on each other like the vermin you are.  Look at the "patriots" like Kessler, Joe O'Shaunessy, Ryan Payne, Booda, Blaine Cooper, etc.  All turning on each other and selling out to the government because they have no heart, or guts, or real belief in what they claim to be.  The real patriots of this country don't run their mouths like these cowards.  Let it be a lesson to all of those who talk big on Facebook; you all are men of no substance, just cowards and keyboard commandos.

Those of us who are real commit action to make changes.  I spent 4 months on our border, at my own expense, only to be falsely and unjustly sent to prison for a crime I didn't commit.  I never violated any law, by the letter of the law, or the spirit of the law, by intent or authority of the law makers.

Our corrupt government agents only wish to silence those of us who commit action to preserve our constitutional rights and obligations.  People like LaVoy Finicum paid the ultimate price for his dedication to our constitutional obligations and duties.  Charles Dyer, Bill Keebler, and other true leaders are now sitting in prison because of the cowardice and apathy of the "patriots".

When they government takes us out, one at a time, you cowards won't pick up the torch and carry on.  You run and hide like the cowards you are.  Get mad at me if you want.  If I don't get out on appeal, I will be out between the end of 2017 and mid 2018.  I wish any of you cowards will check my resolve.  I have not lost one drop of fire for the freedoms and liberties we are guaranteed by our own Constitution, or the ones endowed by our Creator - God Almighty, the God of Abraham, the God of Jesus, the God of Creation.

There are two ways to tell if a person is a real God fearing, God loving patriot.  Their actions speak louder than words and they profess their belief in God.  All others are fakes, cowards, sissies, and big-mouthed scumbags, barking like puppies on the porch.  I have more respect for the women "patriots" on Facebook than the huge majority of professed men "patriots".  It is a sad time in America when the women have more intestinal fortitude than 95% of the men.  It just goes to prove that the 'pussification' of America is almost complete.

Don't worry, all of the atheist patriots will fold, too.  If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything - including making your sons and daughters subjected to sexual deviants and other perverse, despicable people.

Now, as you have all observed, the government doesn't play by any rules.  They make their rules as they go along.  To draw a comparison, if there are two perfectly equal teams playing the same sport, and one team has to follow the rules, and one team has no rules, the team with no rules will win 100% of the time.  Our government has proven, time and time again, that they don't play by the constitutional rules and they don't allow justice or fairness to stop their tyrannical agendas.

So, we basically have two choices.  First is to give them exactly what they give us, no rules, no bars, no hold contact sport, or what Gary Hunt has described as the "White Dot Theory".  The White Dot Theory basically dictates we come together and create our own communities, void of any government services.  We establish colonies of like-minded, self-reliant people whose only desire is to live in a free, respectful, loving community, governed by constitutional laws and reverting to basic common law, with a reverence to our Creator.  The only other choice is to continue submitting to the rule of government, not of law.  I choose the former.

We don't have to play the game with those who don't want to play fair.  We start our own league based upon respect and righteousness, and adherence to common law.  Those who are not team players will not be welcome.  There is no I in "team", and I's will not be tolerated.

We can govern ourselves, protect ourselves, and look out for each other, just like we used to do before all of the government intervention and corruption.  It will not be an easy life, but there is nothing easy about the responsibility of living free and impendent of government intervention, taxation, and oppression.  Freedom isn't free; it is earned by hard work, diligence, and reverence to God.

I can't think of any other options other than to live as serfs and continue to allow this despotic and tyrannical government to continue to strip us of our God given, unalienable rights -- until the point of total subjugation and conversion to socialism.

We owe it to future generations to leave this country to them better than it was left to us.  We are cowards, and don't deserve freedom if we refuse to fight for it.  "Live Free, or Die".  Those who would give up their liberty for security deserve nether.  If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.  Actions speak louder than words.  When the government fears the people, there is Liberty, when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

The choice is ours.  Our nation and our freedom are at stake.  You can't keep hoping that an election, or a politician, will restore our country.  Only we, with the blessings of God, have that power.  We, with the blessings of God, can restore our nation to its righteous place, and only with God's blessings can we do it.

We must stand up for our principled and for decency, and quit succumbing to political correctness and political lies.  Right is Right - Wrong is Wrong.  God has told us, for a few thousand years, what Right is.  We are suffering, like ancient Israel, for our sins against God.

May God, once again, bless our nation and give his people the courage to stand up and do the right thing.  May God touch the hearts of his believers and give us His guidance so we can do His will.  Please, all of you true patriots, keep the faith, and keep praying for God's guidance.  God will not let us down, if we don't let Him down.

God has been m greatest source of strength through this whole indescribable ordeal.  I have a stronger belief in God, and I know through Him we will be saved, be it in this life, or the next.  No man can put fear in your heart if you have God in your heart.

Love & Respect,



Kevin Massey  76555379
FCI Seagoville
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 9000
Seagoville, Texas  75159


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