From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom


May 13, 1997

by Dewey Millay

Not only was it entrapment, but a case of a FBI betrayal of so-called friends. Ron was contacted by a FBI agent, whom he had met several times and had numerous phone conversations, to have a meeting at a local IHOP restaurant. The purpose of their gathering was to discuss the possibility of Ron acting as a negotiator in the Republic of Texas stand off at Ft. Davis. Ron said the agent acted rather nervous and made some flimsy excuse for his departure. Moments later, as Ron was approaching his car, he was arrested by other FBI agents. (So much for trusting Government Nazi terrorists) Kevin Terri was taken while he was at work. I have no information concerning Wally Kennett.

All three are incarcerated in The Federal Correctional Institution at Littleton, Colorado.

Ron said that there were no automatic rifles or any other illegal weapons, such as hand grenades at their house. (Well, it's spring and time for Government planting what else is new?) He said that he and Wally had enrolled in school and both had jobs; wanting to get on with their lives. However, Ron did say that he was handing out pamphlets at the Timothy McVeigh trials. He intimated that he could have been a possible witness for the defense in that action. Maybe that is why the Feds wanted him where he is!

Wally's Lawyer is: W. E. Hill
P. O. Box 21181
Boulder, Colorado pz 80308
Phone/Fax 303-449-9244

I also talked with Mr. Hill today, where in we discussed certain aspects of their case and the need for a Defense Fund to be established. Those details will be forth coming. Some of you may remember Lee Hill as the attorney for Leonard Peltier.

Ron Cole's Address is:

Ron Cole #27523-013
Federal Correctional Institution
9595 W. Quincy Ave.
Littleton, Colo.. pz 80123

Wally Kennett #27524-013

Let's not be too harsh on these guys. So, they've made some mistakes, but are great young patriots.

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