Lyon-Sibley Updates

Index of Updates
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1Lyon-Sibley UpdateMar. 20, 1995we are challenging the constitutionality of the American Bar Association
2Lyon-Sibley UpdateAug. 5, 1995 
3Lyon-Sibley UpdateNov. 28, 1995 
4The Furman Syndromeundated 
5Looking for a Wooden StakeNov. 1995... they do not went us to take this highly-explosive police privilege issue to Federal Court
6Couple on Death Row…Nov. 28, 1995making the killing of a police officer a capital offense... is unconstitutional because it holds the lives of police more valuable than those of other citizens
7A Judicial Farceundated 
8Open Letter to Alabama Appeals Courtundated 
9The Shooting of Roger Motleyundated 
10Lyon-Sibley Updateundated 
11Mr. Terrillundated 
12Col. Rasmussenundated 
13Mr. Sussman #1undated 
14Mr. Sussman #2undated 
15Howard SwindleApr. 30, 1997 
16Execution by Electrocutionundated 
17Update  Jan. 6, 1998  George has had unprecedented action taken against him for refusing to submit to a "voluntary" physical exam
18News ReleaseAug. 17, 2000Formal Charge of Conspiracy to Commit Murder

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