George Everette Sibley was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana to a father who owned a plumbing supply company, and a mother who was active in several cultural organizations. He graduated from private school with high grades and took up designing and converting cars and engines into drag and circle track racers. He moved to Orlando in 1976 and opened his own car repair shop. He also entered autocross races, testing his own engine and body designs. He became politically active in the late 1980s and joined the Libertarian Party. In 1992 he became a well-respected legal researcher and analyst, and was best known for drafting Constitutionally-correct legal documents used by other political activists. He became a partner in Lynda"s publishing business in 1992.




Lynda C. Lyon was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, though she has traveled all over the United States. Her father, who died when she was 10, was the youngest son in a family-owned business in Orlando. Her mother presently owns a real estate company in Orlando and is active in the community in Orlando. Lynda graduated in the top 1/4 of her class and attended college. She became a professional writer and has written a column, op-ed pieces, short stories, and published several organizational newsletters. She began her own publishing business in 1991 and her own political-issues magazine in 1993 after George became her partner. She has been active in her community since 1972 as an investigator for the Humane Society, President, twice, of the Friends of the Library, District Director for the Cub Scouts of America, President, twice, of the Young Women"s organization of her church, and State Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida:. George and Lynda married in 1992.


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