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April 19, 1995
Beirut, Waco or Oklahoma City?

The events of this morning in Oklahoma City have brought feelings of outrage to many in America. Governor Keating, of Oklahoma, said that this was the worst act of terrorism in the history of the United States. Perhaps he was not watching the news just two years ago. Appalled might be the term best applied to the general reaction by the masses of people.

Whatever the source of the explosion, we can see two speculative assessments of what might have been the motivation. The government seems to immediately want to point the finger at the discontent nations of the Middle East, with frequent reference to the World Trade Center bombing. The press, however, has, initially, taken another view. The fact that the British sought to take arms from the colonists on this day two hundred twenty years ago, notwithstanding. The fact that the federal government murdered 86 people, in their church/home, just two years ago seems the talk of the hour. Speculation is, (without saying just whom they consider to be the people behind the event) that, the BATF and FBI may have been the target. These two possibilities, however, are probably the top two choices of those available.

Let's consider, first, the implications if this bombing was an act of revenge for what occurred in Waco. We hear the words of sympathy that are offered with regard to the families and children affected by the blast. Ironically, as I write this, the number of children declared dead is seventeen. Today, however, the blame is laid on those who perpetrated the blast. Two years ago the blame was laid squarely on the parents that kept their children at home with them. Perhaps, as was reported on one station, all federal buildings are at risk. If this is so, then the argument that the parents should not have kept their children in their church/home because of what might happen, might, without prejudice toward one side or the other, cause one to wonder why any parent would keep their child inside a federal building, which might be the target of terrorist activities.

Tom Brokaw called the event "an evil act". But, Tom never even suggested that there were evil actions of government in Waco. I'm sure, as you watch the news the next few days, you, too, will see many contradictions between the reporting of the two events.

Let's now look at the other side. Suppose the government is right. It has been suggested that a bomb threat was received in Oklahoma City over a week ago. There was, however, no effort to "shore up the defenses". If this was an act of terrorism, then the terrorists are sending a message that no part of America is immune from their attacks.

What has created a situation where the two extremes can both be pointed to as possible sources of this action? On the one hand, we have foreign agents in countries with which we have barely maintained diplomatic relations, and they have and will continue to attack America, which they perceive as the Satan in the American government's actions. Are their acts that unfair, or inhumane? Consider the number of children lost to the actions and aftermath of Lebanon, Iraq and Somalia. In all three conflicts, the United States moved the United Nations to action (military and deadly in nature) by intimidation, purchase or fraud. The result was devastation and ruin to those countries that were an object of America's wrath. Can we blame them for retaliating, if that is what they have done in Oklahoma City?

On the other hand, what if the source is the other extreme? Tens of thousands of Americans have been subject to one form of abuse or another from the federal government. Many have felt the wrath of the IRS, and had families torn apart, and homes, farms, businesses, and dreams shattered to pieces, and beyond the hope of recovery. Gordon Kahl may be the extreme, but, that is for now. Others will surely become the object of these attacks, and others will join the ranks of the oppressed. What is becoming more common every day is the recognition that violence may be the only way that we can achieve the return of the government to its proper place.

What seems to be unique, and is indicated by the two diverse directions of possible sources for the attack, is that the United States is the object of hatred from both within and without. Very few nations in history have managed to extend their oppression as broadly and completely outward as they have inward. The US government, by their actions have made enemies of both it's citizens and citizens of nations that should have no dealings at all with them.

Unfortunately, the patriot media (and I use the term loosely with regard to the claims of the radio show hosts I have heard) has taken a politically correct position in expressing concern and declaring the event as an unnecessary tragedy. Some of these same people have declared that we are surely in for a war, yet, now condescend and act as if the consequences so common to war are tragedies that should not now occur.

To those who follow the sentiments or those radio hosts, I suggest that if you profess to be a patriot, you had better begin to harden your thought process. At the rate that the Congress is selling us down the river (HR 97, HR 666, etc.) the eventuality of war is real, and the mind-set that, is necessary to prevail will not come from the self-serving proclamation of "tragedy" when events that are our course take place before we, ourselves, light the fuse.

If you are appalled by these events, consider well the position you have asserted, for you will probably run from the cause as you run from the reality that what occurred today is far less tragic than what that same federal government which has become an object of attack, had perpetrated on men, women and children for over seven weeks before executing the coup d`etat in Waco, Texas.

Your mental weakness now will fester to a risky mentality when the active process of restoration of the Constitution begins. The risk that you will create for those sincerely interested in return to Constitutional government, is that you will feel remorse over the actions taken by your compatriots, and, perhaps, abandon them, or far worse!

Think now, before your commitment becomes too deep. If you truly believe that whatever is necessary to achieve the goal of restoration of the Constitution must be done, then you must learn to accept the reality of what may be necessary to achieve that goal. If an act such as this occurs, whether it be committed by neighbor or foreigner, if the cause for the event has, as it's object, the same enemy that we perceive, then the acts must never be condemned, nor the results discouraged. Our minds must be prepared for what is to come, and we must- not allow ourselves to run, emotionally, from that reality.

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