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May 28, 1995
One World Government - A theorists conspiracy?

Two hundred years ago there was an empire which sought to secure the entire world within its imperial realm The British Empire, upon which the sun never set, had continued her objective of global occupation. The realization of the impending absolute subjugation of the colonists caused them to conduct a Continental Congress in 1774. This congress recognized the threat posed to the freedom and liberty of the colonies, yet they could not openly express their concerns for fear of public ridicule. Could it be that the thought of a one world government was beyond the comprehension of most?

Just a few months later, on April 19, 1775, the British army marched into Lexington. then on to Concord, to seize the guns being stored by those "conspirators." As the British attempted to return to Boston, the militia, taking cover behind trees, stone walls or any other cover available, took pot shots at the well ordered regiments of the Crown. The soldiers feared the consequences of chasing the militia into the heavily treed woods, and, under the circumstances, could do little but maintain formation, and pray that they would not be the next victim of the devastating effect of this totally unconventional attack upon their ranks. Lord Percy, in charge of the British march, in describing the events, expressed shock at the "cruelty and barbarity" of the rebels because they had scalped or cut the ears off of some of the soldiers that were wounded. Considering the standards for warfare, the actions of the militia surely would have been considered "acts of terrorism", had the phrase been coined at the time.

United Nations [Rest In] Peace-makers have been bombing strategic targets of the Serbian forces. The United Nations, in their capacity of Peace-makers, have decided to take sides with the underdog rather than let that nation follow its own destiny. The Serbs responded by taking captive nearly two hundred UN Peace-makers, and has chained some of them to strategic targets, daring the UN to continue their attacks. Both Clinton and the UN have described the acts of the Serbs as terrorism.

Yesterday, Bosnian Serb leader, Momcilo Krajinik, explained the situation by saying, "They [the UN Peacemakers] are supposed to be protecting the New World Order, instead, they are begging for their lives." He also described the actions of the UN as "a crime against humanity." So, both sides are claiming terrorism, but the Serbs are fighting a war against air power when they have none. Not unlike those "rebels" of two hundred years ago, using whatever resource they could to defeat the greatest military force the world had ever known. Interestingly, also, is the fact that the Serbs join the "conspiracy theorists" ranks along with the legislatures of Oklahoma, Alabama and the general patriot community in recognizing the threat of the New World Order.

That same expediency used by the Bosnians, today, and those determined Americans, of the past, against an overwhelming and superior force, is a lesson that must be learned, all over again, by those Americans once again threatened by the specter of One World Government.

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