March 8, 1993
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Regardless of the philosophical or moral bent of those at Mt. Carmel compound, there is a principle here that is far more significant. The Declaration of Independence of 1776 recognized that God has given man certain rights, inherent and unalienable . The very government that was created to protect those rights through representative government known as a Constitutional republic, has lost the authority of that representation in favor of an administrative form of government that is answerable to no elected representative of the people.

The administrative agency known as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) has come to Waco, Texas with an armed military contingent claiming to be on a peaceful mission to arrest David Koresh because he is alleged to have a machine gun. This alleged machine gun has harmed no one. The actions of the "officers of law" and the "law" they chose to enforce have resulted in the death of up to twenty people, including children. Is this law so important that blood must be shed to enforce it?

Since the initial assault, of which we are denied the evidence because of the unlawful seizure of same, the BATF have become experts in child abuse, polygamy, and age of majority for marriage. They have also presented their views on Jonestown and have read the minds of those within the compound.

Why is there such a need for the BATF, if in fact they are working under lawful authority, to attempt to color the image of those in the compound who have otherwise lived a peaceful life in this community for the past few years?

What will happen when the siege is over? Will the BATF and other agencies of the federal government be allowed to "color the evidence since they will have the Davidians in custody?

Two women were recently charged with conspiracy to murder BATF agents Willis, Williams, Lebleu, and McKeehen. Is anyone being charged with the murder of the many members of a religious sect which was practicing it"s faith, as have those of many religions these past two hundred years? The arrest warrant could have been served successfully, as have many in the past, by the sheriff of McClennan County, and without the loss of life. Was any peaceful attempt of service even considered? (Complaint and affidavit tiled March 3, 1993, against Margaret Lawson and Catherine Mattson and signed by Dennis Green U.S. Magistrate, the same magistrate who on the next day signed a motion to dismiss said complaint).

Because the world has focused on Waco, Texas this past week, the need for containment as a result of error on the part of BATF forces is substantial.

The crime of murder is a violation of Texas law and should rightfully be investigated only within Texas" jurisdiction. This is a question of sovereignty and state"s rights that should be of great concern to people or all fifty states.

The Texas Rangers have, for many decades, have been acknowledged as one of the finest investigative agencies in the nation. Only they should be allowed entry into the premises until the investigation is completed. The watching world demands the transfer of authority in this matter immediately to the Texas Rangers. The BATF forces should be immediately removed from the scene, as well as any other federal agencies which lack jurisdiction in this matter.

This decision, once made, should be conveyed to the defenders so as to allow for peaceful, non violent, surrender or all defenders. Furthermore, Governor Ann Richards should recognize that all defenders should be released on their own recognizance, as there is not now, nor has there ever been any reason to believe that people would not be willing to stand before a jury of their peers to plead their case.

Let justice speak rather than guns.

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