From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
MARCH 19, 1993

During the initial presentation at the FBI/aft press conference today, Bob Ricks, FBI, reported, "copies of the original search warrant and arrest warrant for David Koresh, signed by a U.S. Magistrate on February 25, 1993", were provided to those in the complex. Later he clarified that providing the warrants was not, in his opinion, service of the warrants. Later on Ricks indicated that the affidavit, the bases for the warrant, was not provided to those in the compound. It seems that it will be some time before those in the complex will have an opportunity to "meet" their accuser.

The FBI stated that they played tapes of conversations between FBI, Koresh and Schneider for all in the complex to hear. Makes you wonder why they would feel the need for those inside to hear and continue to deny the public the right to hear. Are they afraid that those inside might somehow find out from someone outside what they already know inside? Or is it that what we might hear on the outside would be so untenable that we might have grave concern over the actions of the government?

Another point made was that none inside were being held hostage by pastor Koresh, contrary to what he had suggested to us in the past. Or, perhaps, we just don't understand exactly who is being held hostage.

An interesting sidelight to the press conference today -- just prior to the beginning of the conference I was escorted into a separate room at the convention center by the lady that oversees the conference and a state trooper, to be challenged as to my qualifications to be there. It seems that they were concerned because I had been involved in a "disturbance" a few days earlier at the federal court house with the FBI. I was involved in the disturbance which was created when the FBI chose to "detain" me when I was attempting to file some papers with the court. I didn't like the idea of being detained, as I indicated to the FBI. Fortunately they saw fit to allow me to attend the press conference, after this second "detention".

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