From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
MARCH 26, 1993

Anyone who happens to be reading this report from Waco is proof of the existence, and legitimacy of the Outpost of Freedom as a viable source of news and information. This, apparently, is of no consequence to the self-serving needs of Mr. Carlos Hernandez of the FBI, who has determined that this reporter does not represent a "legitimate press".

As I told you on the 24th of March, the FBI promised to get back with me. I suppose, however, that they just wanted my phone number, because no effort was made to contact me, as they said they would. Being used to hearing comments from the FBI that are as valid as the comments made by the biggest liar in the neighborhood when you were a kid, has prepared me for dealing with these paid by us deceivers. Honestly, I have heard more truth in a poker game than from the FBI, both in and out of the conference.

To refresh your memory, I had gone to the press area at Mt. Carmel Church complex with the founder of Associated Electronic News (AEN) on Saturday. As we were leaving the FBI informed us that we had "'falsified' press credentials, which they kept. Being there under agreement with AEN apparently demeans the credibility of these releases and my own newspaper because that is the reason for denying me access now, or, is there another reason?

If anybody can establish that AEN is a legitimate press organization, I would appreciate some supportive documentation. It appears that the founder, Linda Thompson, has left Waco, and me with access denied. Well, what would you expect from an attorney?

On the brighter side, I have noticed that there are more questions coming out at the press conference with real content, not car colors. I noticed that a number of the members of the press have had copies of "A Mountain Of Lies", by Kirby Ferris, in their hands as they strolled around the convention center. This book goes into some of the problems created by the government's actions and subsequent investigation of the site in Idaho where the stand-off with Randy Weaver resulted in the murder of a 14 year old boy and his mother. The techniques used then, as well as the efforts to cover up, raise quite a number of questions into how our government operates these days. Perhaps Lewis Beam was correct when he suggested the beginnings of a police state. Perhaps his comment was based on hindsight -- and we are just now beginning to see what is really happening to our precious country.

My observation is that the FBI is the most deceitful bunch of people I have ever met. There is no substance to anything I have heard them utter since my arrival in Waco.

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