From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
MARCH 27, 1993

During today"s press conference one member of the press posed a question regarding an outside negotiator. This question was, "since negotiations are not going very well, isn"t it time to start thinking about an outside negotiator, and if not, why won"t you do that?"

To which Mr. Bob Ricks, of the FBI, responded, "the question is do we bring in an outside negotiator. Again, this is a law enforcement issue. It is not one where, if aah, if we thought there was anybody out there that could put the necessary words together, that could cause a change of action, then we would not seize upon that. We are not confronted with that situation. What we have right now, confronting us, is that we are required to prove that David is not Christ, aah, which is an impossible task. I don"t believe there is anybody out there, in the world, that can prove to his satisfaction that he is not Christ. When you"re God it is very difficult for someone to come forward and prove that you are not God."

So, let"s look at what Mr. Ricks said. He makes clear that this is a law enforcement issue. Law enforcement is the other side, and Koresh stands facing this immovable force, law enforcement. He states that there is no one out there that can "put the necessary words together". That nothing can cause a change of action.

It appears by these statements that the FBI is a three letter word for omnipotent. That they, the FBI are the only people in the world that can handle this, and that the FBI need make no concessions, that their word is law, and even above the Constitution. So, how do we convince the FBI that they are not God? Again, Ricks, "when you"re God it is very difficult for someone to come forward and prove that you are not God.

Ricks also suggests that there is a need to convince David Koresh that he is not Christ. We must assume that; one, David believes that he is Christ in the context that the FBI presents this claim; and, two, that it is even necessary that David be convinced that he is not what he believes himself to be. The first is based upon the dirty filter known as the FBI, the second is the same sort of problem that we have with the FBI, but is not necessary to accomplish to find a peaceful solution to this matter.

On Tuesday, March 9th, when communications were made with those inside the Church complex via KGBS radio, it was clear by the answers from the complex that a peaceable solution was the desire of those inside. It was clear that they chose not to deal with anyone affiliated with law enforcement. It was clear that they would provide for my safety if I entered the complex, and it was clear that they wanted me to come into the complex. Honestly, my greatest fear is not of those inside, rather those outside.

Regardless of all of this, the simple question arises as to why it is not worth allowing me to go into the complex and then return and work on negotiating a peaceful solution to this problem that has brought world wide attention to Waco, Texas.


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