From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
APRIL 7, 1993 PHONE: (817) 662-2442, ext 223

Let"s just follow along as we go along with the BATF/FBI version of the happenings of February 28, 1993 at the Branch Davidian Church complex in Waco, Texas.

It is Sunday morning, the day after the Sabbath. All are relaxed, but there is apprehension in the air. We all know that there are automatic weapons made under the authority of Paul Fatta"s FFL, Class III license, but there is reason to believe that Robert Gonzales and his six roommates are other than students at Texas State Technical Institute (TSTI). They are living together in a two bedroom house, but are driving very expensive cars. We have wondered, for quite some time, if they are here investigating us. We know that we have done nothing wrong, but the fear still exists.

Robert leaves and we hear the alarm in his car go off. As be drives down the driveway he toots his horn four times, a signal perhaps. Don Bunds, who had been here for some time, and his family that were members in the past, has left in a very secretive manner prior to Robert driving away.

The sound of vehicles driving up the driveway brings a few to the windows. They notice that Robert and his friends have moved their cars further away, over by Mark and Mary"s house. The vehicles coming up the drive include two trucks pulling cattle trailers.

Suddenly, black uniformed people jump out in mass. Some are carrying ladders, others riot shields marked "ATF police". We notice that some are carrying rifles and all are armed. They approach the front door and yell, "police, warrant". Within seconds gunfire breaks out. Explosions are heard and the gunfire has reached such a rate that little else can be heard. Then the thumping of helicopter blades is heard over the gunfire, what have we done to deserve what appears to be to be-a full scale military assault?

The reaction of those inside, whether they were aware of the arrest warrant, or not, was absolutely of self defense. The question arises is it right, or wrong, for us to defend ourselves against this massive force that came to our Church, armed and obviously with malice in mind.

Perhaps now is the time to ask you, the reader, what you would do in similar circumstances. Would you have defended yourselves? Would you have thrown your hands up and hoped that this heavily armed army in black would respect your safety? Would you even consider what rights you had under the law?

Perhaps our elected representatives of the past had more understanding of the proper roll of law enforcement than we give them credit for. Perhaps the knew that there had been, and would be abuses of authority when they wrote 9.31 of the Texas Penal Code.

9.31 (C) The use of force to resist an arrest or search is justified:

(1) if, before the actor offers any resistance, the peace officer (or person acting at his direction) uses or attempts to use greater force than necessary to make the arrest or search; and

(2) when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes the force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the peace officer"s (or other person"s) use or attempted use of greater force than necessary.

Read this carefully. Is what happened on February 28 exactly what they had in mind?

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