From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
APRIL 9, 1993 PHONE: (817) 662-2442, ext 223

This morning's press conference had a few interesting comments. The first was when FBI agent Richard Schwein stated that Koresh "controls almost 100 people almost absolutely", "they display zombie like qualities." Apparently Mr. Schwein has not yet met the BATF troopers. The difference between the church members and the BATF troopers is that the Branch Davidians are there because of moral conviction. You know the stuff that America was made of -- and the storm troopers are there because the pay is good.

The church members I have met don't appear to have these "zombie-like qualities", the BATForces I have met do! Perhaps Schwein just got a little confused.

Comments were made regarding Koresh lying. The problem is that we have not heard what Koresh has said. We only have the FBI's word that he is lying. We have heard the FBI say one thing and a few days later find that what they said was not quite correct. I guess that the government doesn't lie, it just makes mistakes. Speaking of mistakes, perhaps the FBI's defense of the BATF was a mistake. That would account for the separation in the press conferences.

Schwein then said, "We will allow anyone contact if we think it benefits us. And, by us I mean all of us trying to resolve this thing peacefully." That's funny, I have been trying to get in to see Mr. Koresh since he asked me to come in on March 9th. Koresh asked me to come in to resolve this thing peacefully. He assured my safety, but the FBI has chosen to ignore this. Apparently they (FBI) think that they are the only ones that are seeking a peaceful solution. They haven't even been willing to discuss this with me, or allow me to speak to their behavioral scientists. Sounds like cow pasture material to me!

While speaking to comments made by Brad Branch, the issue of paranoia came up. Then there was a comment about the Branch Davidians having already killed four federal agents, wounded 15 others and caused the death of some of their own members. It appears that the determination of guilt has been made by one side, the other side remains unheard, the trial by press is over and the grand jury investigation and subsequent trial by jury are just formalities that must be observed. So, now we have a better understanding of justice in America. It does seem, however, that the paranoia lies with those who are afraid to let the other side be heard. It would seem that if the FBI were right, there would be no fear of allowing the other side to be heard. I guess we'll just have to wait for the real trial to find out.

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