From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
APRIL 19, 1993 PHONE: (407) 260-1111

Two hundred seventeen years ago today the first Americans stood against the British at Lexington Green. They were less than one hundred men, yet they sparked the fire that would soon ignite the beginning of the greatest nation the world has ever known.

The noble experiment that was begun then faces a more serious threat today than it ever has before. The government that was formed to conduct a minimum of business on behalf of the various states has grown into a bureaucracy that has become so all consuming that it has enslaved the very people it was created to protect. It has gained a control over these same people that is so awesome that none are safe if it should be the desire of that bureaucracy to make that individual guilty of nearly any crime. It employs methods that are as contemptible to justice as any that King George ever conceived. It is capable of bringing death under the guise of justice, as it has here in Waco. It, like fire, has gotten out of control and has become a danger to all who believe in Liberty and Freedom.

The Outpost of Freedom and the American Patriot Fax Network have continued, for the past five weeks, to bring you daily updates of the events here in Waco. This has been done at the expense of APFN, and has been done in the true spirit of Patriotism.

The time has come for me to return to Florida and put the pieces of the business that I left behind back together. I have developed some wonderful friendships, and valuable resources, so that I might continue to bring you information of the events here. Both APFN and Outpost of Freedom need to take a deep breath and regroup. I am months behind in the publication of the newspaper, Outpost of Freedom, and I have to make arrangements to cover the events unfolding at the Randy Weaver - Kevin Harris trial in Boise, Idaho. APFN has to cool off its fax machine and make repairs. Both will be active again in the very near future.

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