Bo Gritz and Waco

Gary Hunt,

Outpost of Freedom

August 22, 1998


In light of the recent events in North Carolina, I have been encouraged by some who know more of my Waco experience, to go public with the efforts of Mr. Gritz to become involved in the Davidian matter.

It began around the middle of March. A call came to my room at the New Road Inn. It was Bo Gritz. He knew of my presence and my circumstances through Cy Minett. Cy had been the person that called me on Sunday morning, just a few weeks earlier, and informed me that something was happening in Waco. He also directed me to Dewey and Steve who, without their help, my stay in Waco could not have endured. Bo had, during his presidential bid, indicated that Cy would be his Secretary of State. Cy had been an associate of Bo Grits for some time.


Back to the call – It was Bo Gritz on the other end of the line. He asked if I would invite him, on behalf of David Koresh (I held David’s power of attorney), to come to Waco. He felt sure that he could gain access to the Mt. Carmel Church. While still on the phone, I discussed this with the Waco Team (Steve, Dewey, David, Mark and Mike) members who were present. We had decided that jurisdiction was probably the most significant issue in the matter. Rather than risk exposing our strategies over the phone, I told Bo that he must first come to Waco, quietly. We would sit and discuss what we felt was the best course, and proceed from there.


Bo responded that he wanted to “come charging in on a white horse,” but that he would think about it. I told him he could fly down, meet and then leave and return on his horse. He said he would get back with me. Later, Cy called and said that Bo was too busy to come to Waco at the present time.


We were a bit disappointed. All of us were aware of what Bo claimed to have done at Ruby Ridge, and were hopeful that a peaceful resolution would also be the result at Waco.


I never heard from Bo until April 18, 1993. It was early afternoon and I received another call from Cy. He said that he had just spoken to Bo. He said that Bo had asked, again, for an invitation to come to Waco. I told Cy to tell Bo that we could talk on the phone rather than he flying down for the conversation.


By April 18, nerves were frayed, the press was leaving in droves and 50 days had gone by since the initial assault. I had nearly run out of resources, was living on contributions and my business in Florida was barely operating without me. It seemed a God-send that Bo had called and offered his assistance, once again. The FBI (as indicated in my reports from Waco – ) was stressed out and had been anything but reasonable in resolving the matter. Perhaps the solution had come. It was with high hopes that those of the Team who remained in Waco awaited Cy, or Bo’s return call.


That call came in the late evening. It was, again, Cy Minett, calling to say that he had tried to reach Bo but was told that Bo was on a cruise. With no more answers than that, perplexed was a mild description of what we felt.


I had a very troubled sleep that night. Hopes raised, then dashed. My six weeks in Waco had seemed to have been near futile – at least with regard to a resolution. We had tried ever peaceful means available: Criminal complaints, Mandamus, power of attorney, even confession to murder. Others, such as Kirk Lyons, had tried equally hard. My mind couldn’t rest – there had to be a way. Finally, I slept. I know that I was considering returning to Florida in the next few days, but that did not ease the sense of futility.


Early the next morning, I awoke to a phone call from Wayne, in Florida. He asked if I had been watching what had been happening at the Church. I turn on CNN and began watching just as the tank with the boom began tearing into the front left corner of the Church. The events of the next few hours is described in http://www. and http://www.


Needless to say, I have often wondered why Bo found himself on a cruise, so shortly after trying, again, for that invitation – and, if Bo learned something on April 18 that caused his change in heart.