Death of Liberty

Today I take a moment to reflect, in solemn sorrow, on a lost loved one. I remember her well as an innocent child, taken from me by a gang of thieves that used her for their own purposes.

Their purposes were not honorable. but she did not resist, trusting that no one would intentionally harm her, or destroy her way of life.

She was the epitome` of beauty, innocence and all the admirable qualities that others admire.

It was by force of arms that she fell, silent, mortally wounded. It was by deceit, trickery and slight of hand that I did not notice as she wept. By the time I realized her peril, she was gone.

I blame myself, as I did not raise my voice to warn her, nor my hand to defend her. I, too, was fooled by the cowardly bastards that killed her. I, too, trust that she would always be protected and served.

But, they served no one except themselves, cutting her ever deeper, until she bled freely. She did not die in a blaze of glory, like the Valkerie that she was, but succumbed to her injuries with little more than a whimper, and a mournful cry of, "Why?"

Her name was Liberty, and we will, together, pay the price of her passing.

Ron Cole - Colorado
Al Hassett - Florida

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