Sons of Liberty

No 22

September 7, 1995

Dear Mr. Hunt,
I am requesting you delete my name from your fax list. I am making this request for the following... reasons.
Your recent Sons of Liberty letters have a strong message calling for active armed rebellion. You have gone so far as to suggest the bombing at Oklahoma City was justified and perhaps targets for similar actions in Washington would be more effective, (No. 18, 9/2/95). Mr. Hunt, this type of material plays into the hands of those pushing big government and gun control ... Surely you must understand this...

Fax letter received this morning from North Florida

Diane Feinstein, during the Weaver hearings yesterday, suggested that what happened with Randy Weaver and at Waco was the cause for the Oklahoma City bombing. Some of the other Senators suggested that the citizens of this country have a very low esteem of law enforcement today. I can only say that I agree, completely, with both of those sentiments.

As is becoming clear in the Waco, Whitewater and Weaver hearings, as well as the "Good Olí Boy" incident, there is a serious problem in this country, Right Now!

The author of the letter above suggests that we should keep our mouths shut. This reeks of the perpetuation of the problem, not the solution. Should we not voice our opinion; Should we not act in a defiant manner; Should we not react, with violence if necessary, to the actions of government, then we, by our inaction, condone those very acts.

The Founding Fathers recognized the nature of man. The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution as a condition of ratification. Those enumerated rights began with Freedom of Speech and Religion. These protections of moral belief and expression are absolutely necessary in a nation of free men. The Second provides the means of securing those rights of morality and belief. The right to be able to defend those rights can only be predicated on the understanding that government might fail in its duty. The means of enforcing the Constitution lies, as it always has, on the people, not on the government. The obligation of government is to abide by the Constitution, and defend the country. The People are the ultimate source of all governmental authority, and as such, can never relinquish that responsibility (as suggested by the letter), unless the people are willing to relinquish the form of government that we were blessed with.

The purpose of the Sons of Liberty series is to provide a bit of insight into our history and heritage. With the exception of this and one previous response to a letter, all of the material is based upon applying the words of the Founders to contemporary situations. Their strength and courage gave us the United States of America. I feel that it is imperative that we seek their wisdom, and words, in order to retain this Great Experiment. I will continue to write as I perceive the situation -- as long as I am able!

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