Gary Hunt
at the
Outpost of Freedom
Andrews, North Carolina


Overflights by the State Bureau of Investigation

Reports filed beginning January 31, 1994

Betty Lou Smith Hanson was Nord Davis" very faithful assistant. She lived not far from the Northpoint Teams Headquarters, in Topton, North Carolina, with her aged mother. Frequently, while Batty Lou was working, her mother was along at their home. For years, there never appeared a threat to the security of the fairly remote, mountainside home.
This changed in October 1993. Mid morning, on October 6, an airplane flew very low and very loud over the home. Needles to say, this low altitude overflight was very disconcerting to Betty Lou"s mother.

Concerned over the action of whoever was responsible for the dangerous flying, Nord attempted to bring those responsible out in the open. He kept, however, running into obstacles  which precluded getting any answers, or satisfaction.

Just a few months later, at Nord"s request, I went to Topton and conducted an investigation. Though my investigation was relatively short (I spent less than a week in Topton), Both Nord and Betty Lou were satisfied with the results, and feel that what we exposed would discourage future overflights. Not too many months before Nord"s death, in September 1997, I spoke with him. There had not been an overflight since the first occurrences.

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