Satellite City

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At the Westerlymost end of Satellite City was the final checkpoint before the last two miles to Mt. Carmel Center. The motorhome on the right and another directly to the right of the camera location were the quarters for the Texas State Police who manned this position.

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Ken Fawcett was instrumental in Gary Hunt acquiring a Power of Attorney from David Koresh. Ken was even more instrumental in making known what was really happening in Waco, Texas. Here, Ken stops to get some refreshment from the FREE Salvation Army Emergency Canteen. Of course, the Davidians could not have donuts and coffee, but the Press and the government agents were well fed by your dimes.


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As you leave Satellite City, almost three miles away, you approach Checkpoint 2491. The Mag Bag, the auto repair business of the Davidians, is on the right.


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