From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Orlando, Florida
Date: January 13, 1994          Phone: messages (407) xxx-xxxx

Davidian Trial, San Antonio, Texas

January 13, 1994                      Day 4                                              Post 3

Today the Texas Rangers who gathered evidence after the fateful fire testified as to the evidence they had found. Nearly one hundred rifle barrels have been entered, including two Barrette light 50 barrels. The fact that the Rangers, who had been deputized as federal marshals, made clear that they gathered the evidence for the government rather than for the purpose of investigating a crime under Texas law.

There was a question that was asked of every Ranger by Mr. Tinker, attorney for Brad Branch. This question was directed at the front doors. They were asked how many doors they had seen when they were first allowed to enter the sight. Remember that the BATF had been issued a search warrant on April 16, just six days before the fire, to search (control) the premises until the search was completed, before turning the scene over to the Rangers. Understanding that we had been told that the Rangers were assigned this responsibility in early March, and then deputized as federal agents, we can see some of the deceit perpetrated by the Justice Department in convincing us, the people, into believing that the fox would not be guarding the hen house. The BATF and the FBI had control of the crime scene for over twenty four hours prior to an independent, impartial, or nearly so, party could begin the process of preserving evidence to a crime.

When I went to the FBI headquarters at the TSTI (Texas State Technical Institute) in March the area was guarded by BATF and there was an enclosed truck marked "EXPLOSIVE INVESTIGATION" just inside of the "area." Iím sure that this truck was also at Mt. Carmel Center just after the fire because we heard so many stories about the high risk of explosion and the number of rounds "cooking off", all in an effort to keep the watchful eye of the press as far away as possible, We did see a number of objects, presumably bodies, carried away to waiting vehicles from the distant video cameras, but would never have been able to discern a door being taken to some "safe" morgue to be hidden from view, but perhaps this may be the only solution to the disappearance of a door which might well be the only physical evidence as to who shot first?

Apparently the doors, being made of steel, did survive the fire. They were on the windward side of the building and not subjected to the extremely high heat, as were other portions of the building. It appears that other metal objects also survived well, and there would be no reason to believe that the doors would not remain intact, and capable of retaining indications of direction of bullets which would tell us whether shots were fired from outside prior to the closing of the door. The BATF, the FBI and David Koresh have all stated that the gunfire from inside only came after the door was closed. If we ask ourselves, "could the Davidians be guilty of any charges relating to shooting at federal officers after the federal officers began shooting at them, even to death, if their actions were of the instinct to survive?

Iím sure that most of us would conclude that we are not yet subject to the government to the point of sacrificing our own lives because the government believed we had committed a crime. However, if we add to that the Justice Departments intentionally covering up the evidence that may lead to justice being served, we must then admit that we are becoming chattel of the very government created to serve us.

Judge Walter B. Smith, Jr., signed an order regarding a PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDAMUS on March 22, 1993. In that order, "At the present time, the FBI, and other federal agencies, are involved in a siege situation of unprecedented proportions. The determination of how best to deal with such a situation is clearly within the discretion of federal authorities." It appears that the judge and the Justice Department have assumed the authority to deprive people of Rights protected by the Constitution.

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