Waco Unraveling No. 1

Gary Hunt,
Outpost of Freedom
September 6, 1999


In looking at the currently unraveling story, it is most important to consider, and seek Justice in this matter. The Davidians, except Ruth Riddle, are currently serving prison terms of a minimum of 14 years. They were convicted on evidence that came from the same sources as are currently being investigated. What is necessary NOW is a demand that the verdicts and sentences be overturned based upon tainted evidence. If the government lied, the government lied. The convictions are based upon the same nature of lies that have denied, so long, the proof of what many of us had already learned.

Due respect should be given to Judge Walter Smith. Regardless of what I may have said of him in the past, a new light IS being shed on the entire situation. I think that by week’s end, an even larger bombshell will be dropped (by our side).

Smith, like the FBI, went into this with full faith in the already playing government players. The FBI went to Waco with a job to do. When they arrived, they interviewed their younger cousin, the BATF, and found that the Davidians had started the gunfight and ‘murdered’ BATF agents. The FBI, then, with full belief and support in the words of little cousin, began a press campaign designed to make the incident look even more like the responsibility of the Davidians.

Within a few days, however, the BATF story began to unravel. The FBI found that they had been lied to on a number of issues, and the fact that the BATF began firing from the first moments, only to have gunfire returned AFTER Koresh had been pulled back in to the building (Nothing contrary to what Bob Ricks and Sharon Wheeler told us in press conferences – see Who fired the first shot?. The FBI was, unfortunately for them, unable, at this time, to back away from the position they had publicly taken. Surely, it would have been absolute condemnation of the BATF, and a catastrophe for the entire government. Being caught in deceit, lying and murder, the Treasury and the BATF would have provided a true landmark in American history. Clinton’s antics would have paled in comparison.

The FBI, in what may soon be perceived as the greatest political error of their tenure, chose to defend little cousin – to the Death.

Consequentially, it was necessary to destroy the evidence. Though they were many on the FBI negotiating team who wished, simply, to bring the debacle to a peaceful solution – without further loss of life, the more macho elements (HRT, et al), wished to conclude the episode, and close the door. Fearful that David Koresh might finish his writings of the Seven Seals (they provided him a word processor on April 18), they decided to elicit approval to begin an operation that would bring the siege to a conclusion. In their request, they submitted for, and had approved, a plan that contemplated the use of CS gas, in non pyrotechnic form (gaseous), for a period of 48 hours. If, after 48 hours, all of the Davidians had not left the Church, they would begin demolishing the building. The plan was approved. Whether there was any greater knowledge in Washington of what was really planned can only be speculated to. But, facts point out that, even though an agreement had been made between Koresh and the FBI (to allow the Seven Seals to be written), there was, obviously, no intention on the part of the FBI to hold to this agreement.

Early on the morning of April 19, 1993, the FBI began penetration of the building using Tank Retrievers, with booms, and the insertion of CS gas into the building then occupied by more than ninety people – mostly woman and children. In one of the early press conferences that day, Bob Ricks alleviated the concern of the press when he told them that they needn’t fear. The children, he said, could seek refuge in the underground bunker. Did Ricks not know, as we knew then, and are being told, officially, now, that the FBI was using CS gas to make the underground areas lethal? Did Ricks not know? Just where, in the chain of command, was the decision to deviate from the ‘plan’ proved? Who had knowledge of the deviation?

It is very possible the Janet Reno HAD been deceived. It is also likely that Judge Walter Smith had been deceived. Most Americans, you see, tend to believe that government is here to help us – and have a difficult task in accepting the contrary.

Based upon Smith’s recent decision and threat of contempt, if the government DOES NOT turn over all of the evidence, we might be observing a portion of government that has come to what was once an unacceptable reality – that there are factions of government that perceive themselves as almighty – and able to do whatever is necessary to achieve their ends. They are not bound by any ethical or moral standards. Perjury, destruction of evidence and even murder are not without their realm.

Judge Smith, through all of his previous faults, may turn out to be the savior of truth and justice in this matter. Only time will tell.

Likewise, Attorney Janet Reno, who may well have been deceived by the macho men – unwilling to take orders from a woman – may seek revenge against those who have deceived her and put her in this now untenable position of having to defend her entire Justice Department.

Only time will answer the question of whether Justice can prevail in America. But, suffice it to say the efforts and persistence of men such as David Hardy and Mike McNulty MAY, finally, lead to that end.

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