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You Have Tread On Me is a demonstration and statement that we have passed the point in which the Revolutionary War prohibition, Don"t Tread On Me, was appropriate.


Congress has flaunted its authority in our faces. It has attempted to demean us and has categorized us as militant, rude, undisciplined, lackeys to other parties, and Terrorists. As they demonize us, they continue their course toward a world they perceive to be perfect, though we perceive it to be a road to slavery -- and the abolishment of the Constitution and the once Great Nation which was created by the People and that Constitution.


Long before the Declaration of Independence was approved and signed, there was a final Petition sent to the British Parliament. It is referred to as "The Olive Branch Petition" in that it sought, as a final gesture, a peaceful resolution to the tyrannical approach that the mother country had taken to force subordination on the colonies.


This Petition might well be called "The Olive Branch Petition of 2009", for its sets out to begin by correcting the burdens that have been shackled upon We, the People, and our country, the United States of America.


This Petition is intended to address the vast majority of current focus groups, intent upon a change of just one small aspect of the many dozens of issues that now face us. It does not include all, by any means.  It will either directly or indirectly, solve the problems created by legislative enactments and administrative rules, and begin a cure of the monetary system. But, it will do so only if the Representatives and Senators are "noticed" by us, and in sufficient number to let them know that We Have Had Enough!


But, it will only be by your efforts, and efforts of tens of thousands like you, that will bring this message to those who purport to represent us. It will be with a massive effort, "Under One Banner", that we will each help ourselves; help others to achieve their goals; and, in which the others, by their participation, will help each of us.


In light of the coming demonstrations scheduled for September 12, 2009, I would ask those who are going to Washington, D.C. to include, among their other demands, copies of the petition to give to every representative or Senator that they meet, visit with, or just drop it by their office. It will not be in conflict with your intended purpose, rather, it will serve to enhance the show of collective determination that we are acquiring in our objections as to how they are handling Our country.


To those who are not going to Washington, D.C., but have plans to go to their respective State Capitol, most Representatives and all Senators have offices in the capitol. By delivering a signed petition to them, or even their staff in the office, you, too, can begin to demonstrate the cohesion that is developing in our determination to sway them from their current course.


To those who live near the local offices of any Representative or Senator, you, too, can show that we have found a common banner that does not conflict between issues, rather, that supports nearly all of the areas of concern to true Americans, by hand delivering copies of the Petition to their respective local offices.


And, finally, to those who have obligations that prevent them from a more active participation in delivering petitions to those who claim to represent us, we would ask that you make copies, sign the Petition and mail a copy to each of your Senators and your member of the House of Representatives.


For the purpose of demonstrating that we are of one mind, at least an the matters included within the Petition, it would serve us best if all of the aforementioned activities were conducted between Saturday, September 5 and Sunday, September 17, 2009 (Constitution Day).


This does not mean that you cannot deliver or send copies to your representative or Senator now, heck, you can send it to them ten times, if you want to. The more they see coming in, the more they will worry!


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