Under One Banner


A campaign afoot can bring us all Under One Banner.


It is a Petition campaign, but it is not like the petition campaigns that are so common on the Internet, today. This campaign is for individual petitions, each to be delivered by hand, or by mail, or even by email, to the Representative and Senators who are supposed to be serving you.

Its purpose is to not have one petition with ten thousand names, rather, to have ten thousand petitions with one name. Rest assured that this will become a greater cause for concern, by that politician, as he sees a stack of petitions that is a couple of feet high, not just a few sheets to be shoved aside and ignored.

It will also not be a reference to an on-line petition, which he would probably never visit, anyway. It will be thousands of pieces of paper, which, by their very presence, will tell him that something worthy of his consideration sits before him.

The Petition, itself, is unique in that it is inclusive. It is to put them on notice, in six general areas, with thirty-three specific demands, for action which will address, directly, or indirectly, nearly every problem which is of concern to us. Further, it provides protection for the future, including a provision that would allow one hundredth of one percent (about 300,000) of the People to call forth, by petition, a Federal Citizens Grand Jury, which, without the assistance of any government attorneys, can hear on the subject of the petition. If probable cause is found, that employee or officer of government would then be tried by a jury within the state that he claims as home, and, if convicted and sentenced, that conviction and sentence cannot be reviewed by any other authority.

Will the government go for such oversight by those who they are supposed to be working for? That answer will only come with time. However, if enough of us say that We Have Had Enough, and demand action, the likelihood is much greater than if only a few seek this redress, and, if others continue only on their single issue campaigns.

This is an opportunity for all of us to work together, Under One Banner, without giving up or conflicting with our other concerns, for the first time in over two centuries.

This is a standalone project. There is no organization providing oversight. It is there, and you are free to take advantage of this opportunity, or not. There are no dues; there are no fees. There is only the effort that you and thousands of others are willing to exert to make an effective display of our dissatisfaction with the current operations of the government.



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