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When an opportunity comes along which takes little time and has as much potential as the Under One Banner - You Have Tread On Me Petition has, it is, perhaps, easy to think that, "Well, someone else is taking care of that".

It is easy to come to that conclusion, since we all know how much work we have been investing in the project, program, or web site that we have taken to pursue. Since we have made that investment of our time, why should we invest time in another program, or even participate, even to a small degree? Especially one that does not have its own organization; money, backers, or national campaign behind it.

Let me see if we can find some reasons to support the "Under One Banner" Petition campaign. If you invest any time in the campaign, it will be minimal. It only requests three things from you.

1) To take a little time to read and understand what "Under One Banner" is all about.

2) To print three copies of the Petition and deliver or mail them to your federal Representative and your two Senators.

3) To forward what information you have about "Under One Banner" to as many people as you possibly can.

Well, if you take the time to do that, what can you expect in return?

1) Participation in an event that is probably the only one that has given us the opportunity to work with people who are pursuing different 'issues', where the government has let us down

2) To participate in the only event that has sought to bring us "Under One Banner" in over two centuries.

3) To know that, if this has a great enough participation, and is successful, most of the issues that have had the attention and time of Patriots, over the last ten, or more, years, will be resolved.

4) That whatever project you have been working on will either have been resolved, or, the means to resolution will be at hand.

5) That, given sufficient support, if "Under One Banner" (the Olive Branch Petition of 2009) is rejected by the Congress (the source of most of our problems), we will clearly see that there is little hope of success with the many dozens of projects which are currently seeking redress from the government.

So, please, take just a little of your time to look in to "Under One Banner" and the "You Have Tread On Me Petition" and see if it will help your cause as much, or more, than anything else has, to date.

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