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Is there a Peaceful Solution?

There are many people who have wondered, since April 19, 1993 and even before those events at Waco, Texas, whether there was a peaceful solution.

Peaceful solution? Solution to what? was asked by many. However, as we see the United States government slowly receding into socialism, rapidly expending the resources of our country, and encumbering our grand-children with a debt that even they will not be able to pay, the "what" takes on a new meaning. We have a Crisis on our hands

How we got here, or, even what can we do about it, is lost in a cloud of hundreds of issues. If any one of those issued was resolved, it wouldn't make a scratch on the surface of what really ails the United States of America.

Interestingly, the Congress of the United States has, within its Constitutional authority, the means to solve almost all of those problems, and to make solving the remainder a much easier task.


For many years, I wondered if there was a peaceful solution. Everywhere that I went and spoke with people, they wanted a peaceful solution, though none had any idea what it would be. Then, just a few weeks ago, a solution came forward. It is not much different than the Olive Branch Petition of 1775. If King George III and the Parliament had responded to the will of the people in the American colonies, we would probably still be British, instead of Americans.

Now, we have our own 'Olive Branch Petition', known as the "You Have Tread On Me - Petition". It is a number of very reasonable demands put to Congress by the People. Congress, if they care at all about their oath of office and their responsibility to the American People, have no choice but to accept, and respond to, the demand set forth in the Petition.

However, the Petition isn't worth the paper it is printed on, if there are insufficient numbers to impress Congress with the severity of the crises, at least in the minds of the People. Every one of us, men, women and children old enough to understand, need to sign and deliver the Petition to their Congressmen.

But, why should children be allowed to sign the Petition? Let me respond by asking what right Congress has to saddle them with an enormous debt, before they have grown to adulthood?

It will take millions of People to act. Millions of Petitions to be delivered. Millions of pieces of paper to show that we have had enough, and demand that Congress act in accordance with the Constitution and does all that is necessary to "insure domestic Tranquility".

Let your voice be heard by signing and delivering the You Have Tread On Me - Petition to your Representative and Senators


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