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mite: any of numerous small to very minute arachnids...

Mercy Otis Warren was the daughter of James Otis, who coined the phrase "taxation without representation". She was married to James Warren who was president of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress. Mercy was very involved in politics. After the Revolution, on February 26, 1786, in a letter to Samuel Adams, she wrote, "When the balance of oppression hung heavily over this land, it was the indispensible duty of everyone to cast if but a single mite into the opposite scale."

What Mercy realized when she wrote that, was that it was hundreds of thousands of mites, doing what they could; when they could, that so infested the United States that even the most powerful army in the world could not prevail over them.

Perhaps we, like the mites, should infest the corrupt government with every form of expression of our dissatisfaction with their corruption of government as well as disregard for the Constitution, that they are overwhelmed by sheer number of us -- and realize that they, as the British, are facing defeat.

The "You Have Tread On Me - Petition" may just be the most effective way for all of us, Under One Banner (but not giving up our other banners) can provide that infestation of the Congress which is necessary, if we are to retain the form of government that those, back in Mercy's time, were willing to commit all to achieve.


Let your voice be heard by signing and delivering the You Have Tread On Me - Petition to your Representative and Senators


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