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They like for us to call them "our leaders". They do so because they have distorted the relationship that we are supposed to have with them -- according to the Constitution.

Their purpose, according to that contract (Constitution) is to manage the government.

Their purpose is not to lead us by directing our actions from their snobbish setting in the Halls of Congress. If they were to lead us, they should be leading by example, not by dictates.

Their purpose also includes maintaining order between the states (the real members of the Union). Instead, under the guise of master, dictating to the states -- imposing on them mandates which are both expensive and frivolous. The states know what is best for them and their citizens, but in order to receive our money back from the federal government, they are forced to acquiesce to demands which make them subordinate to the government that was supposed to be subordinate to them -- allowing for only those exceptions enumerated in the Constitution.

Their principal function is to govern the government, though they have refigured themselves to govern us.

They are sent to Washington to represent us, though they turn their backs on representing us in favor of directing us.

They have stolen what was "public" (belonging to the people) and redefined it as belonging to them. In so doing, they have imposed restrictions on our use of our own property.

They have ignored our expressed concerns over many issues, and have gone merrily along their way, as if the country belonged to them, and not to us.

They have usurped power, in total disregard to the Constitution, which they were never intended to have.

They have proclaimed themselves Masters of the World, and have bought obedience to that claim by sending our hard earned money to foreign powers, regardless of the nature of that foreign government, simply to buy allegiance to them, the Masters.

They have decided that money solves all problems, and they are intent on solving ALL perceived problems, regardless of the existence of a real problem, and, regardless of the cost.

They have!

And, that is why We, the People, must Demand that they return to the role that they were bound to when they took their Oath of Office.

We can best achieve that end by signing and delivering to our respective Representative and Senators, a "You Have Tread On Me - Petition", and, by encouraging others to do the same.

After all, isn't our responsibility to let them know that they are out of step with us?

Let your voice be heard by signing and delivering the You Have Tread On Me - Petition to your Representative and Senators


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