From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
Date: November 20, 1993


Clive Doyle left Mt. Carmel Center on April 19th, 1993, just minutes after more than eighty people perished, from smoke inhalation, fire, injuries or gunshot wounds. Clive was one of only nine who survived this travesty that some might call American justice. Clive is now in McLennan County Jail awaiting trial on charges of conspiracy to murder federal agents, and other charges. He went there directly from Parkland Hospital, in Dallas, where he was taken because of the burn injuries he sustained.

Parkland Hospital has filed suit against the FBI. The FBI had contacted Parkland that fateful morning to determine how much space was available for burn victims (this is confirmed on the sworn affidavit in the suit). Parkland, in an effort to collect for the services rendered, filed the action for payment of the $350,000 outstanding on the bill.

Perhaps this is why Clive has not received continued, adequate medical attention for his injuries. He has a problem with the burned area skin cracking and bleeding. He has problems writing because of the stiffness of the tissue. He is given nearly no medical treatment since the day he left Parkland. At one point we tried to get homeopathic salts into Clive, but the jail nurse does not recognize anything not approved by the AMA.

In another part of the country, Alabama, another friend sits in her cell denied what the doctors know to be a serious, and possibly life threatening illness. Lynda Lyon has a thyroid condition. She had been treating it with prescribed medicines as well as health products. The medicine that she had with her was left in the car and can only be returned with a court order. Her diet (jail food) is high in starch and has resulted in worsening her condition.

A fax campaign had generated an instant response to all prisoners needs in the Alabama jail, including the blood test that would indicate to the doctors that Lynda needs attention. There has been no continuation or follow up on that first response.

We have found that there is strength in our numbers. Numerous fax campaigns have had positive effects from "encouraging" the court in Texas to allow Rita Riddle to visit her daughter, Misty (where she is right now), a change in the state police policy in Connecticut, medical attention for George Sibley for his wound (which also benefited all of the prisoners in the jail). We have a voice that, when it speaks, is heard. We need to use that voice to assure that proper medical attention is given to those who are incarcerated for having taken a position that is contrary to the desire of government. Let your voice join that of thousands. Send faxes to the following asking that they provide the proper care for those that are not permitted to take care of themselves.

For Clive Doyle, fax Sheriff Jack Harwell, McLennan County Jail, Waco, Texas FAX (817) 757-5091

For Lynda Lyon, fax Sheriff Herman Chapman, Lee County Jail, Opelika, Alabama FAX (205) 749-4835

Let"s not let government succeed in applying "cruel and unusual punishment", which may result in permanent damage, or death, to those who have not yet had their day in court. Let our fax machines carry a message that we will not tolerate this treatment for those that stand for Freedom and Liberty. Fax, TODAY, and let your voice be heard!

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