George Sibley, Jr. & Lynda Lyon

On August 17, 1993, I arrived on the Golden Hill Paugeesukq Reservation near Colchester, Connecticut. The Paugeesukq Indians had been surrounded by State Police since the arrest warrant had been issued for their Chief, Moonface Bear. The crime? -- Selling Tobacco (Indian"s gift to the white man) without collecting the state tax on the cigarettes.

I had been there nearly six weeks when word came that some friends of mine had been arrested in Opelika, Alabama -- for killing a police officer. That day, October 4, 1993, is one that all patriots and Constitutionalists should recognize as much as February 28 or April 19.

When I say friends, I mean people who would stick their necks way out to help one of their friends. We had hidden a fugitive from California, along with his son and girlfriend. When I approached them for help in that matter, they didn"t hesitate, nor did they hesitate in resisting state authorities later when they were asked to watch out for the son of the fugitive, after the fugitive turned himself in.

In Florida, we had established a "security team" back in 1992, a common defense team for the benefit of the eight members thereof. George and Lynda were among those eight, Lynda being the only female member. Later, when I returned from Waco, Lynda and George willingly provided security until it could be established that I wasn"t going to be arrested.
These are the kind of friends we all need!

The first word of the event caused me to begin an investigation of the Opelika event, even while I was covering the Paugeesukq story. Using all of the resources available, including a Prodigy Bulletin Board acquaintance, I tried to piece the story together. Being unable to speak with George and Lynda, and relying on "establishment" sources for information, the first two reports could only convey what was known, at the time. Special Report -- October 5, 1993, lays out the basics of the story, It would be a few days before the details could be ascertained.

Special Report October 7, 1993, was my reaction to the "demonization" that had begun to "expose" my friends as other than what they really are.

Finally, on October 21, I received a phone call from Lynda Lyon. As I had expressed in the October 5 report, I could not understand how these two could possibly have acted in the manner that the press had conjectured. The conversation, the first of many, began to shed some light on the events. This first insight was reported in Special Report -- October 21, 1993.

On October 25, 1993, I provided explanations of the events in the words of George and Lynda in a report, Update on George & Lynda. In their own words, the tell of the occurrences of that fateful day. This report also initiated a fax campaign to assure that George would receive medical treatment for the wound received in the gunfight.

Lynda wrote a piece, Life in Jail, which was published in November. Lynda also tells of the effectiveness of the fax campaign to secure medical treatment for George"s wound.

On November 20, 1993, the report, Call For Help, went out. Lynda"s thyroid condition had worsened, and Clive Doyle"s burns from April 19 had not been adequately treated. This fax campaign resulted in both Clive and Lynda receiving the treatment they need for their respective conditions. The power of the fax network was, again, demonstrated.

The Right To Self Defense is based upon research into historical and judicial rights to self-defense, even against law enforcement officers.

Unity provides Lynda"s insight into George"s trial on the capital murder charge. She describes " the travesty of a trial" that had just been concluded. The need for patriots to stand together, as they have not stood together before, is discussed in this report.

Strength of Conviction discusses a reality that we may all face, one day. It will challenge you to consider the consequences, should you ever face a life or death circumstance, regardless of innocence, as so many have, already.

When they come to get your guns! discusses what your rights are, under the Constitution, with regard to protection of life, liberty and property.

More will be added to this page, from time to time. George and Lynda will be writing articles, and some of their past work from LIBERATUS magazine will be posted.

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