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Massey - Letters from Jail #1

June 27, 2015

As I sit here in this hell hole, wondering what has happened to me, and our country.  I have been spending a lot of time reading the Bible and reflecting on my life. 

There seems to be a lot of parallels to biblical times and the times we live in now.  Our country has fallen for the same reasons as ancient Israel.  God set this country up with his blessings for a free moral people.  All God has ever asked is that we follow a few simple rules.  During our early years we as a nation were very pious and lived by Gods laws.  People loved one another, people helped one another, people worshipped together.

Now, just like in Israel after the Exodus from Egypt and all through recorded history in the Bible, we have turned to idol worship and immoral living. 

You ask, what idols?  Well, let's just look at a few things people do to worship idols.  They praise the idols, they spend their money toward the idols, they spread the word about their idols to their friends.  Who and what are our modern day idols we worship and look up to?  How about one show that flaunts the idol name, American Idol.  We watch with amazement and cheer for them, we spend our money to promote them.  Say America doesn't treat these and other music "stars" as idols, just like the idols of the Bible. 

How about the athletes we idolize, we spend a lot of money and time talking about and promoting, just like Baal.  We spend more time on Sundays paying homage to them than we do God.  You see sporting events sold out, while church pews that are free are empty.  We pay for and promote immoral behavior with women and it is considered okay by today's standard. 

Scantily clad women that serve us food, cheer at sport events, sell products, etc.  We as a society have come to accept because of "political correctness" many things the Lord has told us not to do.  Homosexuality, interracial marriage, promiscuous sex, with as many partners as we can. 

All the things God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for.  All the same things he punished Israel for time and time again.  We wonder why our country has fallen to pieces, well its simple really, we left God.  We have chosen security over liberty.  Security being provided by greedy tyrants who care nothing about justice or righteousness, only more power and greed to satisfy their lust for control.  Proverbs Ch 29 V.16

One book of the Bible that can show us just how far we have fallen is the book of Proverbs.  Read it and you will be able to see how far from God we have gone.  We hold men above our Lord and God of creation.  No wonder God has turned His back on us.  God did the same thing to Israel and the Jewish nation.  No matter how many times he gave the Jews their own land and victory over all its enemies, they always turned away from God.  Go read the Old Testament from Exodus forward and the Bible consistently points to the Godlessness of the people and why God destroyed the wicked. 

Not it is our turn to face God's wrath.  Some may say how dare you say this about America, well I'll say "how dare America!"  How dare America not learn from history, not learn from the lessons in the Bible.  How dare America pervert right and wrong and call it political correctness.  How dare we find it okay and acceptable to blatantly violate Gods laws and commands!

In my opinion, the only way our country will survive much longer is if we immediately revert back completely to what God our creator has commanded we do.  I fully and completely understand it is not our job to judge another for their sins, but it is our job to speak the word and not be silenced due to political pressures and correctness.  It is our duty as Christians to lead by example and speak up when we see wrong being done.  It is our job to show thanks and appreciation to the Creator of this world and this nation. 

The days of apathy and political corruption, and political correctness have destroyed our nation, just like it has many times throughout history. 

So what do we do?  Stand up against the lies, the evil and the corruption.  Stand up and be counted.  I would rather die defending God and His righteousness than spend one more second being apathetic or politically correct.  We have an absolute right to segregate ourselves from non-believers.  We have an absolute right to live by the laws God has commanded, not the perverted "Laws" being used in our country for control and division. 

I want you all to please spend a few hours a day reading the word of God.  I am going to put some appropriate Bible verses and chapters in this letter, that I pray you will take the time to read. 

Forget your indoctrinated views of political correctness and appeasement.  If you want to appease anyone it should be our Creator.  Not the evil of this world and those who wish to curse our souls.  God is the creator of all and whether you choose to accept or believe that, it is your choice.  If you just let your mind work and really think about it and the history of the world and what the Bible teaches, I don't see how anyone could not be a believer unless the blinders of the Devil are covering your mind.

Even for the "NON" believers the book of Proverbs cannot be denied.  It is truth at its core.  Only the ignorant would say it isn't.  Please read the entire book of Proverbs, it's not long but has a vast amount of knowledge that  I would call common sense.  Common sense just isn't common anymore, unfortunately.

Here are just a few references I have found in the Bible that are the same reasons America is falling, just as the Jewish nation has many times. 

Just as the Jews gave up their liberty for security and suffered for it so shall we.  Here are a few verses where the Jews preferred the ruler to be a tyrant so they didn't have to struggle so hard to be free people.

Exodus Ch.14, V.12

Exodus Ch.16, V.3

Numbers Ch.14, V.1-4

God laws and punishments

Exodus Ch.21, V.12-36 AND Ch.22-23

Leviticus Ch.24, V.10-23

Gods commands about sexuality despite the lies and forced political correctness

Leviticus Ch.18 Forbidden Sexual Practices

Leviticus Ch.20 Penalties for Disobedience for forbidden Sex Acts

Deuteronomy Ch.22, V.5

This is all Gods commands; man has no power above God.  Either obey Him or pay the consequences.

Deuteronomy Ch.6, V.10 and Ch.8, V.11-20

Judges Ch.2, V.11

Believing in or using "mediums" and/or "psychics"

Leviticus Ch.20, V.6 and Ch.20 V.27

Deuteronomy Ch.18, V.11

It is our job as Patriots and as Christians to speak up and stand up for right.

Leviticus Ch.19, V.15-16

Matthew Ch.5, V.10-11

Now some of you may choose to unfriend me or get mad or upset with me for this letter.  That would be a shame.  I know most may not have known how "Christian" I am, but if you look at my deeds, it shows where I stand.  I am nowhere near as pious as I should be, I am a sinner.  I have, however, had the Lord as my guiding light for many years.  The Lord has not put it on my heart to speak about Him and His word as I have lately, but do not think this is a new belief for me.  Like I said, those who know me, know I live a Christian life and I am a proud Christian.  I am not sure why the Lord put it on my heart to go to the border and risk everything I own and love, but he did and I went. 

I'm not sure why I am being persecuted by the same country I swore to defend.  I'm not sure why I am having to endure this Hell of an existence in a solitary small jail cell 24/7 being treated as a heinous criminal.  I am not sure why my family is having to do without their husband, father who has not harmed or fouled anyone. 

I must just have the faith the Lord has something he needs me in this position to do for Him.  I'd be a liar if I said it is easy for me to deal with what I am going thru.  It would be a lie if I said I haven't cried and asked the Lord, "why me?" 

God gave me the courage to do as I have for many years.  The Lord blessed me with a wonderful wife and good kids who I am very proud of.  The Lord has blessed me in every way, with material assets, financial successes and to live what I'd consider the American dream.  So, I know the Lord isn't or hasn't cursed me, I just have to have the faith and courage to face the challenges ahead of me.  I only pray that maybe, hopefully I can be an influence or motivation to others to be and do the righteous things.

God is my source of strength.  Without Him, I don't know where I'd be right now.  I am just trying to take it one day at a time; it's all I can do at this time.  I want to thank all of you who read this letter and all who have shown your support for me and my family in our desperate time of need.  Please read Proverbs and share the word and Love of God with everyone you know.


God bless our nation and may God bless us all.



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