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Massey - Letters from Jail #2

July 4, 2015

Dear friends and fellow Americans

While I sit in this dungeon cell, I have had a lot of time to think and reflect on what has happened to our country.  How could a country that was founded on hard work and freedom have become so oppressive toward its people and other nations?  Our nation like many other great nations of the past is falling for the same reasons as our predecessors.  You could go buy a hundred history books and they would tell you the symptoms of the nation's failures but one only has to pick up one book and learn the cause of the symptoms.  You might ask what one book has all the answers.  You probably already have it on your shelf.  You most likely only look at it with a fleeting glance and at most open it once a week.  The book of history and great knowledge is called the Holy Bible.  Yes, the Bible holds all the answers as to why our country is where it is.  As history always repeats itself, the Bible has the answer to all of our questions.  Even me, as a Christian, have not picked up my Bible and just read starting at Genesis and going all the way to Revelations in many years.  I have done just like most others, I depend on a devotional to point me to a scripture or a sermon to point me to a few verses.  I believe this has been a major mistake on my part and on our part as a nation.  Those of you reading my letter who are not "Christian," I encourage you to feed your mind and read the Bible.  It has been proven to be historically accurate and it is universal across all religions, Jews, Christian and even Muslims.  The Bible is fact and true.  It is never wrong to learn facts and truths and to deny facts and truths only makes you one of the ignorant who is destined to fail.  Knowledge is power!

Those who are Christians, it is our faults, our country has turned this way.  Yes, it is OUR fault.  We believers should know the word and we should know exactly why our country is in its current condition.  The Bible is very clear and this is not the first time a Great Nation blessed by God has fallen to the wayside.  We are just the latest to suffer the same fate for the same reasons as all the others.

Like I said in the beginning of this letter, I myself am guilty of not immersing myself in God's word to find out our nation's problems.  I blamed politicians, I blamed civil leaders, I blamed our judicial officers, and I blamed everyone but the true culprits.  That is we, the Christian people of this country.

At one point in this nation, Christianity was the majority of our population.  What happened?  Why did we stop growing and holding our nation up to God?  We only need to look to the Bible for the answers.  We are weak sinners. 

For one, freedom is not free or easy.  As Benjamin Franklin said, those who would give up their liberty for security deserve neither.  The people who fled Egypt made the same complaints about being a free people as found in Exodus 14.12, 16.3 and Numbers 14.

They would have rather remained slaves then to have to endure the hardships of freedom.  How is that?  Why would someone rather be a slave than free?  Ask yourself; are you a modern day slave?  Don't believe me, here is what the Bible says, 1 Timothy 6 1-10, Proverbs 22.7 Our country has become a country of slaves.  Tell the slave, that he is not a slave and give them nice things and they will believe they are not slaves.  Free people do not require permission to do things God gave us the rights to do, you know like the first 10 amendments to the Constitution known as the Bill of Rights!  Yet we have to ask our masters "Government" for permission to do as God gave us the unalienable rights to do.  To go back to around 500 BC and see what God did to Israel after he had freed them from Egypt and gave them their own nation. 

Ezekiel in the old testament around, Chapter 7, saw how the Lord felt about the Israelites, his chosen people and what he was about to do to them for their constant rebellion against his laws.

We in modern day America are every bit if not more deserving of the Lord's wrath for the actions we as a country are committing.  Idolatry, sins of adultery, sins of corruptness, the sins against our fellow Americans.  We no longer love our neighbors; we no longer even love ourselves.  If we loved ourselves, we would not want to harm or bring down others, we would only wish to elevate others.  The Lord holds us all responsible especially those of us who claim to be Christian.  The Lord told the prophet Ezekiel he was going to hold him personally responsible for telling others about their misdeeds Ezk 3.17-21 The Lord also told Ezekiel you must not be afraid of the corrupt in Ezk 2.6-7, 3.7-10  Could you stand up for the Lord as he did?  If you answered yes, then why haven't you?  Talking to fellow Christians about Christ is not the same as going and talking to the non-believers or those who have left the path of Christ.  We need to be acting like Paul, the fisherman of men.

Today as I read the newspaper on the 4th of July, the 239th year of our independence.  I was floored and even more convinced our nation has become a Godless nation.  The Brownsville Herald on page A4 had an article about Dan Patrick, Texas Lt. Governor and some of the things that were addressed during this last session of Texas legislature.  One item was and I quote "a bill to exempt Texas from daylight savings time was sidelined amid concerns that refusing to roll back the clocks could leave Texans choosing between church services and watching the Dallas Cowboys games on fall Sundays."  Really???  Again, the idolatry of sports and other "Stars" take priority of our Lord and Creator!  No wonder our country is going down.  No different from when the Israelites worshipped Baal.  When did any TV show or sporting event become as important as worshipping God did?  Where are you on Sunday?  Joshua 23.14-16, 24.14-16 gives you the answer as to where you should be!

Our founding fathers warned us prophetically against tyranny and they spoke of a better tomorrow for our nation.  We haven't heeded their words and warning any more than we did Gods words and warnings.  Proverbs 29.16

Deuteronomy 28.15-50 Go read Gods words from a few thousand years ago.  The warnings have been given, we had better heed them.

In closing, don't be a CINO (Christian in Name Only), be a true Christian and a leader.  God will protect and show those mercy who serve him.  We shall have eternal happiness.  The few years we spend on this earth are nothing compared to the eternity we can spend with God or banished from his presence.

Love thy neighbor as thyself, is only second to love the Lord God with all your heart and all your soul, mind and strength.  Mark 12.29-31

Stand up my fellow Americans, for God and country.  It is our duty and obligation to do something.  All who sit and wait for others to do something are worse than those who are oppressing our nation.  We have God and just like in exodus, God protected his people and gave them victory over bigger and stronger forces than they had.  Faith in God and action in his name is the only way we can save our nation.

                                                May God Bless America!


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