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Massey - Letters from Jail #6

Received July 14, 2015

I am writing this letter to explain what I have seen and understand by reading the word of God.  I want to start this off with a quote from Jesus Christ to his disciples before his crucifixion - John 10.25-26 "I have told you and you do not believe.  The works I do in my Father's name testify to me, but you do not believe because you do not belong to my sheep."

I am saying this for two reasons, one, the letters I have written are written by my hand, but they are by the Holy Spirit, second, what I am writing God has said so there is no need to try to insult or vilify me, what I write about I also give references to in the Holy Bible.  If you disagree with my letters or content, the verse above must apply to you.  May God open your eyes and heart so you can truly see what is happening to our nation and why.

One of the biggest ways to deceive a nation is to blind them from their history.  The history that made that nation great and made that nation succeed.  Satan has a way of blinding people to truth as he substitutes his lies and deceptions as truth to divide and conquer them.

One of the more recent distortions of truth that has perverted our nation's history is the battle flag of the Confederate States.  The evil deceivers would have you believe the civil war was about slavery.  It was not the civil war; it was called the war of Northern Aggression by the people of the southern states, because the North invaded the South.  The Northern states had become greedy and ruthless and they had squandered the assets of the North.  The states of New York and Philadelphia, etc. were deeply in debt and had no way to pay off their debts.  That is another reason why the south didn't want to remain in the Union.  They didn't want to have to pay for the debts of the corrupt politicians from the North.  There was slavery in both the North and the South.  The most abusive slave owners were the black or African-American slave owners.  A lot of the slaves fought for and with their white slave owners during the civil war.  The slaves were not just from Africa either, they came from Europe as well.  Yes, white slaves and indentured servants from Ireland were the most prevalent.  The African slaves were just like the African slaves of today.  They were captives of wars between the tribes in Africa.  The conquering tribes would capture and sell the members of the defeated tribes.  This still to this day happens in Africa too by the way.  Merchant sailors from all over the world bought and sold those people all over the world to all nations.  Slavery has been around since the times of ancient civilizations.

The Lord God of this earth even directly addressed slavery and how slaves were to be treated in the bible.  Exodus 21.1-11 and in Leviticus 25.44-46 Deuteronomy 15.12-18.  So just who exactly says it is the "White man's fault" for slavery?  Who exactly says slavery is wrong?  I believe God the creator of mankind is the one who is the authority on the subject.  Satan has lied and deceived people into believing untruths about slavery and our early heritage.  How many people have died in battle with the American flag flying high?  How many millions of people have died in the name of "freedom?"  So should we ban the flag that millions of people have died as it flew?  How about all the innocent men and women and children killed/murdered in the name of "liberty and freedom?"  The Confederate flag is being used as another diversionary tool against us, or should I say those of us who are ill informed of the facts.  Our constitution says all men were created equal, but that only means at birth.  What our parents do and what we do change that immediately after birth.  So, what does that really mean?  The Constitution also says the first 10 amendments are our "Creator" endowed rights which are unalienable.  Meaning man can't take them away.  Well that is what the words Creator endowed unalienable rights mean!  Yet we allow "government" to redefine even those rights as they see fit or as long as they can manipulate the majority of the people to believe they are doing it for the right reasons.  A felon used the mean a person who was under charges or under sentence of a crime that carried a punishment of an amount of time longer than 1 year and 1 day.  What does felon mean to you now?  Not what it meant to our founders!  Another lie and manipulation corrupt people have pushed on we the people.  What is the point of sending someone to prison if that doesn't satisfy the debt they owe for the crime they committed?  Where does a lifetime punishment for a non-heinous crime come into play?  Are you aware of Gods laws and punishments for crimes?  Well go read for yourself.  Exodus 21.12-27

Oh you say that is severe, why is that?  Evil people only know one thing, evil.  Prisons and probation are a modern epidemic.  They are there for no reason if there is no chance of rehabilitation and being in prison doesn't pay for your crime.  Read about what God says about repayment for crimes in Exodus 22-23.9 and what God says is justice and fairness.  Man's version and God's version are not even similar anymore.  Mans law is not meant to prevent crime or for "justice" it is for power, control and money!  Read 1 Timothy 1.8-10

Another one of Gods major problems with America/mankind is idolatry.  IN the books of Exodus, Deuteronomy, Joshua, I Kings, II Kings, and Chronicles all talk of Gods anger with his people for idol worship and for worshipping other Gods.  Here in America our culture is full of idol worship.  We raise our kids to worship idols.  What idols am I talking about?  We call them trophies, awards, etc.  The "coveted Super Bowl trophy" or "MLB championship" all the way down to our kids little league team trophies.  The music awards, the American Idol show, the Oscars, the Emmy's etc.  Oh they are not idols, they are just "TROPHIES" Hmmm really?  We recently had a congressman from Texas say they didn't do away with daylight savings time in Texas because of the possible conflict between Sunday church services and the Dallas Cowboy Sunday football games!  Really?  Why do we spend way more money supporting our "Major League Sports teams" than we tithe to God and church?  Why are there more people at any given sports event than in church or any big concert event than in church?  Are those things more important than God?  If not, why do they generate billions of dollars annually while churches close down and the poor and needy go without?  One way Satan has fooled us into believing these are harmless things, it's okay to support the "American Idols" instead of our needy fellow Americans.  Moloch is still worshipped every year in California, Alex Jones filmed the event!

It really speaks poorly of our country when we value entertainment over education.  That's another reason our country is so dumbed down, too.  We pay our teachers the money the athletes should be making.  The people who are some of the most important people in our nation is our teachers, both the ones in schools and the ones in our churches.  Google the 8th grade graduation test from early 1900's, I bet most of you "college" graduates couldn't pass the test.  The 5th graders of the 1800's and early 1900's knew more than the high school kids of today.  Why?  Are we not capable of learning anymore?  No, of course not but education people are harder to manipulate than the ignorant people.  They try to make us think because we spend more years in school, that must make us smarter than early Americans who usually only had 6-8 years of school.  Wrong.  It is all about the content and truth in the education.  We are fed a bunch of lies and the indoctrination they feed us is like the pink filler they use in McDonald's chicken nuggets.  They may look like the same size nuggets of old, but the actual meat content is less than 1/4 of what is used to be.  Again, we "think" we are getting full on meat but instead we get full on BS.

Look at how society now feels about the murder of babies.  Yes, abortion.  You say it isn't murder if the child was never born!  Bull crap.  Get in a car wreck and cause a pregnant woman to lose her baby and it is.  Even if she was on her way to an abortion clinic to kill the baby.  Children are a blessing from God and to murder millions of babies a year is an abomination to God.  Another lie we have been fed by Satan to draw us farther from God and Gods will for man.  In our society now days, it is totally permissible as a man to be able to commit as much adultery as possible.  It is the mark of a studdly man.  Go screw as many women as possible and you don't even have to be responsible for the children you help conceive.  Yet a man who wants to have many wives and be responsible for his kids and wives is a criminal.  What?  God the creator of man allowed men to take as many wives as he could provide for.  So, why is man so much wiser than God our creator is?  Man is not, it is another way Satan has led man to think we are smarter than God.  It is okay for us to violate one of Gods commandments of adultery, but it is not okay to do as God sanctifies and have multiple wives.  It is okay for us to violate another of Gods commandments of thou shall not murder, because we committed adultery and don't want to be responsible for our actions of unwed sexual relations.  What have we really allowed our country to become?

Then our perverse government and its "leaders" just okay another direct violation of Gods will and law.  The right of homosexuals to marry.  First off, lest we not forget, marriage is an institution God made.  God made the rules on marriage.  It is vows taken before God to sanctify the marriage.  The government state or federal has no authority over what God created!  How can the government force us Christians to have to accept what God has said many times is a forbidden act?  Here go read for yourselves what God says in Leviticus 18.22, 20.13 and Deuteronomy 22.5 or Romans 13.13, Ephesians 5.3, 1 Corinthians 5.13

I'm not saying in any way it is our place to judge people who violate Gods laws, it is Gods job to judge us all, but I am saying we cannot serve two masters, God, and government.  God tells us in John 13.34 what we are to do with all his children.  God also warns us about those who would have us break his laws in 2 Corinthians 6.4-18 and how to deal with them.

We as Christians must stand up for God and he has told us in John 8.31-32 the truth will set us free.

Jesus also warns us to not seek human approval rather we should only seek Gods approval John 12.43 and also remember John 14.23 to give you strength and the conviction to do as God wants.  Jesus said he is sending the Holy Spirit to be with us and lead us, but we have to be willing to do as God says not do as man says.

John 16.13 when, however, the spirit comes, who reveals the truth about God, he will lead you into all the truth.

May God Bless our Country and our people once again



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