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Massey - Letters from Jail #5

July 6, 2015

As Americans call for a leader to step up and lead American patriots to stand against the tyranny of our corrupt government I can't help but see the similarities to biblical times.  Everyone wants to be free but nobody is willing to suffer the cost of freedom.  Freedom cost the Israelites of Egypt 40 years of wandering in the desert.  Today we wouldn't even last 2 years.  We want some knight in shining armor to lead the way and lead us.  We really don't want the freedom though because we find every reason not to fight for it.  I have a good job and I don't want to lose it.  I like living in my beautiful home with big screen TV and cable.  I love driving my little hot red car or fancy truck, I just don't want to have to rough it.  The next election will solve our nation's problems, we just need to elect someone with new fresh ideas.  That's a pipe dream and you are an idiot!

When leaders have stepped up to lead the charge for freedom, Patriots want to scrutinize every inch of his armor.  You have a dent in your breastplate, your armor is rusted and broken in some way always seems to be the excuses.  The man with that perfect armor to lead patriots is never going to come without God's intervention.  The guys that have that perfect armor don't want to ding it up or damage it, it costs too much money.  To dirty or tarnish it would take too long to re-polish it.  So the guys with that beautiful perfect armor will not risk hurting it.  They will stand in the back of the crowd and talk big talk, but they don't advance to action.  When guys step up whose armor is weathered, torn, broken in some way the crowds discount the knight because his armor is not pretty or perfect.  We Americans have been led to believe that if it isn't perfect it won't work.  One example of that when you go to the grocery store and pick your produce what do you do?  You pick the biggest prettiest pieces of fruit or vegetables you see.  You won't buy any with imperfections or bruises.  You would never buy fruit with bugs or holes in it.  You only want that perfect beautiful selection.  Well, in nature all the fruit isn't perfect and it does naturally come in odd shapes.  You hardly see those pieces because that's what they use to make applesauce, or orange juice or tomato paste and sauce.  It has an effect on how we look at things in life.  My grandfather used to tell me he wouldn't buy apples, fruit, and vegetables from a store.  It's all too pretty and perfect.  He would only buy his produce from other farmers.  He told me before, if that apple ain't good enough for a worm to eat, why he would ever want to eat it.  My point is much like the imperfect fruit, we look over it and would rather eat some genetically modified perfect produce that is not good for us than to eat the ugly natural healthy produce.  We look over those men who have stepped up to lead the way to take our country back because they have a kink in their armor or a less than perfect background.  We keep waiting for that perfect person to come along.  Well I have news for you, that man came a little over 2000 years ago.  He showed us the way.  Laid everything out for us to be able to live happy righteous lives.  Even told us how to ask for forgiveness when we messed up.  When he comes back again the government will not be anything we have to worry about.

I have a clean and clear conscience.  I am not perfect and I have made mistakes.  I also took a stand.  I stood up for my fellow Americans and Texans.  I did what others didn't want to.  I have given of myself to the detriment of my family and myself.  I have stood up against a tyrannical evil and antichrist government and what did it accomplish really?  Nothing but cause my family and loved ones pain and grief.  America instead tried to villanize me for mistakes I made as a young man.  Mistakes I have well paid for and paid back to society for my mistakes.  I have a record of the accomplishments I have achieved, including Habitat for Humanity Man of the year 2010, tradesperson of the year 2012, I have been involved in the Lowes Heroes program for years as well.  I am known in my community as a man who helps anyone who needs it.  I have letters of reference from my mayor, my kids' school superintendent (they went to one school district all 12 years), and police officers in my community who know how I work for the betterment of my community.  I own my own electrical contracting company and never turn down anyone in need of electrical work because they can't afford it. 

I'm not saying by any means I'm perfect or I am the man who would or should lead America back to our Constitutional republic but I am a man who committed action and spent my family's money and I put my personal business and family on hold to come save my fellow Texans who lived on our southern border.  Only to be villianized by our federal government for my past that I had far lived down and I had changed my life.  I was one of those who actually learned my lesson and spent the last over 25 years proving I was not the same person I was as a young irresponsible man.

I would be willing to match my record from the last 25 years against anyone who considers themselves an upstanding American!  Let the chips fall where they may.

My question is who is capable of leading the charge?  Who would actually recognize and follow a leader capable of restoring our nation?  By what I know about history and the great leaders who have come and gone before us, we are doomed.  We are cowards and spineless.  We look for any excuse not to step up and inconvenience ourselves.  We keep looking for that savior, yet when he is around, we won't support him either.  Jesus is a perfect example of that.  How many miracles did He perform?  How many times did He show His "proof" that He was the Messiah?  Yet we the people had him hung on a cross.  By nature, the regular man is a coward, a doubter.  Only with the power of God can we accomplish great things.  God led Israel to victory over many enemies in their quest to take over the Promised Land, for them to fall away from him and lose all he gave them.  So has America.  We have forgotten who we are and what we stand for.  If you won't stand for something, you will fall for anything.

If America is to ever be a great nation again it will only be as on nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.  America is going to fall and fall hard if we, God's people don't come together and ask God to lead us out of this evil.  God is the only thing that can save our country.  All you atheists prove me wrong if you think I am.  You can't and you never will be able to.  You don't have the heart and balls necessary to accomplish the task without God almighty on your side.  WE believers do have the power, if we just use it and stop living in a way that displeases God.  With and through God all things are possible!

What we Christians suffer from now are these feel good preachers, who are only interested in their fame and fortune.  How many of you can name the preacher, Man of God who lived as Jesus did?  Personally, I can't think of not even one.  Joel Osteen and the likes are not men of God.  They are motivational speakers who use God to profit themselves.  The bible warns us about them in Luke 20.45-47, Matt 23.4-12, Mark 12.38-40

It seems we like Israel have lost our way and forgot who and what made us a mighty nation.  Remember "One Nation Under God," or "In God We Trust," or the Ten Commandments monuments that used to be all over the country.  We have let Satan corrupt our country and instead of calling sin, sin.  We call sin political correctness.  We allow Gods laws to be suppressed under the lie of political correctness and freedom for all.  Yes, we all are free to do as we choose, but we have forgotten there are reactions for all actions and consequences for our actions.  Under the PC model, those principles are forgotten or just not talked about.  God set down his laws many thousand years ago, so there is no excuse why we don't know them and God has for many years shown that he can make and break any nation who turn against him.

Please read Hosea 7.8-16 and substitute the nation of Israel's name with the United States.  You will realize what is happening to our nation.  The Book of Proverbs also is what I would call the book of common sense that isn't so common anymore, a must read.

The key to restoring our nation is to restore God as our leader, restore his laws and ways as our laws and ways, and do away with all the tyrannical laws and PC laws that are contrary to Gods laws and words.  Without doing this our nation will fall!  Our days are numbered.

Here are a few verses from the bible to make you think.  They are not in line with what our government would have you believe.

1 Timothy 4.4

Ephesians 5.3

Leviticus 19.33, 20.6, 18

Romans 13.13, 14

Acts 1.28-32



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