"The FREEDOM OF THE PRESS hath, in consequence thereof, been esteemed one of its safeguards. That freedom gives the right, at all times, to every citizen to lay his sentiments, in a decent manner, before the people, If he will take that trouble upon himself, whether they are on point or not, his countrymen are obliged to him for so doing; for, at least, they lead to an examination of the subject upon which he writes."

"John DeWitt," Essay III, Nov. 5, 1787

Outpost of Freedom

Volume I, No 1 (Excerpted from) February 3, 1993



On November 7, 1992 a number of patriots from around the country met to establish the Council on Domestic Relations (CDR) as the antithesis to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Many of those founders were previous Bo Gritz supporters who had come to realize that the problems within the system of government in Washington D.C. are in major need of repair, and that the outside influences such as CFR and the PAC"s (political action committee"s) were encouraging government to deny the rights, privileges, freedoms and liberties that our Founding Fathers had fought so valiantly to preserve for us. United States tax dollars are being used through AID (Agency for International Development) to advertise internationally and send jobs overseas, thereby taking away American jobs. The CDR has committed to finding solutions to these problems that plague us all.

Since that fateful meeting in November, there have been an estimated 5,000 requests for membership information submitted to CDR from 41 states.

The applications are coming in daily and the word about CDR is spreading rapidly as a result of Conference Calls made on occasional Saturdays. Tapes of these calls are circulating about as information prior to dissemination rapidly as anything else in the Patriot Movement.

CDR is currently administered by seven interim national directors. Each state will have seven interim directors until such time as they have 150 state members. At that time the state organization will hold election within 120 days to establish the elected directors. At the time that 26 states have elected their directors, the national organization will hold national elections to establish a representative leadership. This structure emulates the Constitution in the representative (Senate) sense.

The national organization will appoint seven teams that will be responsible for specific functions within the organization. These teams will include:

1) Information and Research Team - Will research and verify all information prior to dissemination throughout the organization and the general public.

2) Communication Systems Team - Will establish communication networks including FAX and computer modem communications. This is to provide accurate, timely and secure dissemination of information within the organization.

3) Funding Team - Will be responsible for establishing a means of funding from supporters of the organization, other than general membership.

4) Membership Teams -Will be composed of four sub-teams;
a) Political Membership Team,
b) Corporate Membership Team,
c) Political Membership Team, and,
d) Affiliate Membership Team (Will encourage a working relationship with other patriot organizations whose goals are consistent with CDR and allow autonomy of each organization. This will encourage sharing of information and networking between organizations of similar interest.)

5) PREP (Public Relations, Education and Promotion) Team - Along with handling public relations this team will be directed at a conscientious effort to avoid having stigmas imposed by virtue of government and establishment mis-information campaigns. Subject brochures will be prepared and distributed by this Team through the national and state organizations.

6) Watchdog Team Will constantly review legislative, Congressional, court and police activities and report to organization with findings.

7) Indictment Team - Will be comprised of Common Law specialists who, upon recommendation of the Watchdog Team and directors, will prepare indictments against any government officials, or others, who have violated their oath of office or the rights of individuals.

Teams, where appropriate, will be organized within the - state organizations as well. The concept will be developed as the organization grows and the design can he generated by the whole rather than just a few.

Membership is by recommendation of existing members only. You may contact the national organization ,at: Council on Domestic Regulation, PO Box 3362, Springfield, Republic of Illinois, C.F.)62708(C.F.

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