From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: August 13, 1993 Phone: (702) xxx-xxxx

The Golden Hill Paugussett Tribe has been under a siege somewhat reminiscent of that which occurred in Texas just a few months ago. Their Chief, Moonface Bear, has had a state (of Connecticut) warrant issued for his arrest. The cause is that the Paugeesukq Indians have been selling cigarettes, without collecting taxes, but, as Sovereign Indians, the Indians cannot be forced to collect the taxes for the state.

Thursday the State Police entered the reservation (106 acres) perimeter, armed and apparently intent upon removing the Indians. The Indians took to the bush, armed and prepared to defend what little remains of their Indian land holdings. After a few hours the State Police opted to reconsider their actions and removed themselves from the Indian lands.

Today negotiations were conducted between the Indians and the assistant state attorney. The negotiations, again similar to the one sided negotiations of Texas, resulted in an ultimatum - All Indians leave the reservation and Chief Moonface Bear submit to arrest (deja vu). The Indians are proudly prepared to defend their land. The Indians are protected by the same piece of paper that was shredded in Waco, the Constitution for the Untied States of America.

We must really consider the ramifications of these actions following so closely after the murders of 92 people in Waco. The issue there was taxes on guns, the issue here is taxes on cigarettes. The issue just over two hundred years ago was taxes collected at the point of a gun. This, my friends, is progress!

There are others factors that come into play in the matter. For those of you who happened to watch 20/20 tonight you may begin to perceive, as I did, that the actions of the State Police are a direct retaliation for the Indians seeking legal remedies in the federal court system. So, now we are posed with the question of whether the actions of the State Police are truly a result of the cigarette tax, or are they a very dangerous threat to the lives of those who would use the legal process to attempt to secure justice? Perhaps the State Police in Connecticut are now judge, jury and - executioner!

The question that has come to mind is not whether we should sit complacently observing the assertion of absolute authority over less than 100 Indians, rather, will we fight only for ourselves, or will we fight for the FREEDOMS and LIBERTIES that are our common birthright?

I am going to Connecticut tomorrow. I can be reached at (203) xxx-xxxx after Saturday evening. Those that choose to think of country rather than self can contact me there then, the rest of you, God Bless you and the best of Luck!

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