Gary Hunt
 at the
 Outpost of Freedom
 Golden Hill Paugeesukq Tribal Nation
Colchester, Connecticut

Selling untaxed cigarettes

In August 1993, I was in Las Vegas, spending some time with some friends. We had gone out to dinner. During the meal, I received a phone call. Those who had stayed at the house had received an urgent call for me to come to Connecticut to cover a stand-off between State Police and an Indian tribe, the Golden Hill Paugeesukq.  The Indians had been selling cigarettes to force the hand of the Governor, who, by law, was supposed to negotiate an agreement for the Indians to sell cigarettes.

Well, we finished our meal and returned to their house. I began making some phone calls, and within a few days, I was on my way to Connecticut.

August 13, 1993 -- Some initial observations

August 18, 1993 -- My reception - Courtesy of the Connecticut State Police

August 19, 1993 -- Increased activity creates tension

August 20, 1993 -- A bustle of activity -- off of the Reservation

August 21, 1993 -- The State Police - a human side

August 23, 1993 -- What Connecticut law says about the Golden Hill Paugeesukq

August 24, 1993 --