From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
MARCH 17, 1993

In recent FBI/BATF press conferences we have been told that the church members at the Branch Davidian complex have a .50 caliber machine gun and that they had set up an ambush for the BATF assault conducted on February 28, 1993. Based upon all of the other information that has been so graciously provided by the BATF/FBI, it appears quite probable that this is the case.

Perhaps, however, if we were to apply a little common sense in the evaluation of this information we might draw different conclusions.

Let us suppose that we are intent upon ambushing federal forces who we know are coming to arrest us and search our property. We have a .50 caliber machine gun and our complex has a four story tower from which nearly the entire property can be viewed. We mount the machine gun in the optimum location in the tower so that we have a field of fire that covers most of the available access to the property. Federal forces come rolling in, unprepared for the rain of fire that will soon be showering down on them.

We wait, patiently, while the forces exit their vehicles, waiting until most have exposed themselves to the deadly fire that will soon come from above. Finally the moment is at hand, BATF forces caught exposed, climbing ladders and standing behind their vehicles, which will offer no cover from the bullets soon to be embedding themselves in the ground and the bodies of those who would encroach upon our sacred grounds.

After just a few minutes of unrelenting fire the battle is over. The press, who have been watching and filming this apparently staged event, begin counting the bodies lying bloody upon the ground.

Sixty bodies, obviously dead, torn to bloody pulp by the impact of this powerful weapon of defense. Forty more writhing in agony due to the maiming wounds inflicted by this awesome weapon. The remaining twenty, or so soldiers, fleeing for their very lives.

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