From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
MARCH 17, 1993

On Sunday, March 14th, 1993, Gary Hunt, Attorney in Fact for Pastor David Koresh, contacted the American Red Cross to arrange for delivery of health supplies and remedies to the besieged Mt. Carmel church complex at Waco, Texas. The American Red Cross said that all requests of that nature should be directed to the FBI command center at Waco.

Monday morning the FBI command center was contacted and Bob Hightower indicated that proof of Power of Attorney should be submitted. A copy of the affidavit of power of attorney was faxed to the FBI command center.

Later Hunt contacted Manny Marquees and was told that they would be meeting to discuss the request and that he would call back with an answer. Having received no return call on Monday, Hunt attempted to contact Marquees on Tuesday. Some unknown individual assured Hunt that he would have Marquees return the call as soon as he was out of the meeting. Hunt still waits word on the life saying effort.

The plan that had been submitted by Hunt was that the FBI would observe and inspect, without hands on, the packaging of the products by Red Cross personnel. The Red Cross would then air drop the package to the Mt. Carmel church complex.

FBI, in press conferences, has stated that Pastor David Koresh's condition is becoming worse and could become fatal. They have also indicated that if Koresh were to die the "sect" might take this as the sign from God that has been mentioned by Koresh in past conversations.

The request that has been made is a humanitarian request similar to those honored in war time circumstances. It is no less humanitarian then the act of the church members on February 28th when the Davidians allowed BATF personnel to remove their dead and injured from the complex area.

Does the FBI have a secret agenda that warrants this inhumane decision?


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