From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
MARCH 18, 1993

In today"s press conference we were told that the FBI/BATF continues to lay siege to the church known as Mt. Carmel church complex. The electricity has been off since march 12, 1993 at 11:07 PM. This was one of the tactics used so effectively against the enemy during desert storm.

Interestingly enough, the major press chose to dwell on the fact that during the discussions of yesterday pastor Koresh apparently chose to leave the phone and go to the rest room, never to return to the conversation. Perhaps the fact that Mr. Ricks felt that it was worth bringing up twice is indicative of the FBI"s concern for the people inside. Ricks did, however, indicate that the pastor was getting around and his health has apparently improved.

Ricks said that the Davidians wanted to see a copy of the arrest warrant and the search warrant that was issued for the compound. The affidavit was sealed with a cover sheet indicating the fact that it was signed by a magistrate, doesn"t it seem rather strange that the person for whom the warrant was issued is denied knowing the source (affiant and information) of the warrant. The only information, it appears that they might be privy to is the fact that the warrant and affidavit were signed.

Ricks then went on to explain that one of the concerns was whether those living at the complex, and not charged with a crime, would be allowed to continue to live there. He neatly sidestepped giving a concrete answer as to whether the complex was to be seized under forfeiture laws. I suppose, then, that the answer would be that the government already owns the property, as had been suggested in the past.

When Ricks was questioned as to what additional charges might be brought as a result of the Davidians defense of their church, he suggested that this would be addressed by the U.S. Attorney"s Office. I guess that the concept of grand jury indictments has Become a thing of the past.

When asked if the Davidians might be receptive to surrender to local authorities, Ricks would not answer directly as to whether the FBI would be receptive to this change of jurisdiction.

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