From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
MARCH 21, 1993

The Emergency Petition for Writ of Mandamus which was filed on Friday, will be heard on Monday. The counselors, who are members of the Indiana Bar, but will not be acting in the capacity of a member of the Bar, who are assisting with the representation of Pastor Koresh, and have prepared the petition, are Linda Thompson and John bard. Linda is also the founder of Associated Electronic News (AEN). I was issued a press pass by AEN and will be submitting reports through their network .

Saturday evening the three of us went to the press area (Satellite City) near the Church complex. It was the first visit for all of us. Apparently we were preceded by a report that I would be entering the complex to meet with Pastor Koresh. Our purpose, however, was to visit the press area and understand the operation of the media in their observation of the site.

We had no problem entering the area through the checkpoint at 340 Loop and Fm 2491. We stopped and showed our press credentials, spoke with the State Troopers and BATF personnel who were guarding the checkpoint and were even given the opportunity of seeing the explosives sniffing dog that is kept at that location. After a casual ten minute stop, we proceeded into the press area where we spent perhaps one half hour observing. We then got into our car to return to Waco. As we approached the checkpoint we were motioned to a stop by the State Troopers and BATF personnel. We were told to show our passes and identification, and then told that we were to be detained at this location to be interrogated by the FBI. We were then told to exit the car and submit to a frisk for weapons. Prior to our exiting the car, Linda bravely took a flash picture of a BATF trooper who just happened to be pointing an MP-5 rifle at us, with his finger securely on the trigger, and the safety off.

After we exited, the BATF removed my camera from the back seat of the car and commenced to remove and expose the film to the bright lights that well lit the area. Little did he know that he got the wrong roll of film, and that we have a beautiful picture of the event. An unlawful search was made of the vehicle and we were detained while the officers involved insisted that we were not under arrest, nor would they explain the detention.

Eventually the FBI agents, Callahan and Caballo, arrived; and we were taken, one at a time, to be interrogated. Counsel Thompson insisted on being present at my interrogation and made quite clear that the FBI agents, as well as all of the other agents and officers present were acting outside of the law in their actions. After perhaps 45 minutes of detention, we were allowed to leave, less the press passes and one roll of film.

The allegation was that the press passes were falsified. The questions they asked during the interrogation seemed to revolve around the FBI"s assumption that Gary Hunt was going to enter the complex.

Sunday morning I went to the press conference that is put on by the FBI every day. Just a few days ago I was pulled aside at the same conference and my credentials verified by the Waco policewoman that appears to be in charge of the conferences.

However, on this day I was denied entry with the explanation that it was at the request of the FBI. I was there under authority of my Outpost of Freedom press pass, which is not related to AEN.

So, today, I had to listen to the press conference on a car radio across the street from the conference itself.

During the conference, a question was asked as to whether I had tried to enter the complex. The answer was a firm "I"m not aware of that." The agent speaking did mention my name, however. Shortly afterward, he said, twice, "Hunt?, Who is Hunt?" Later he indicated that he did not know if there were any charges or if we were detained or arrested. He seemed rather irritated by the questions regarding this subject, so much that he was then asked how he felt about being asked "embarrassing questions," to which he responded that he would answer all questions - implying that there were no embarrassing questions. He did persist in implying, also, that he had no knowledge of "Hunt".

So, let"s put the pieces together. The complex is a secured "crime scene", which includes the checkpoint six miles from the complex. Security is so lax that the guards allow entry of people with alleged falsified press passes (no difficulty upon entry), but sees fit to detain people upon the crime scene (detaining people on the scene who should not be on the scene?).

Considering the turmoil that was created at the checkpoint, it might be understandable that entry was barred at the press conference, by name. It is, however, inconceivable that the FBI would not know who Gary Hunt was.

Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity - such is the motto of the FBI. It appears, however, that the integrity is non-existent, and that the intelligence and communication within the FBI has been replaced with fabrication.

Strangely, the establishment press seems to overlook the obvious and dwell on the information that the FBI directs them to. Truth is not a goal, and they, the establishment press, have become stenographers for the deceit of our government.

A final note, these events will not deter us from our goal. We will be present for the hearing Monday, and will be filing an action against those officers and agents who so freely flaunt the law.

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